Sixty Second Cycling Stories Week in Review

Sixty Second Cycling Stories Week in Review
One day you're riding your bike, the next you're pushing the snowblower!

As the snow fell upon the Chicago area this past Thursday, I resigned myself once again to a winter of merely daydreaming about bicycling.

Gone was the disbelief of mild winter riding and the confusion of all that witnessed the premature return of the recreational cyclist.  At least I have my Google Reader news bundle to keep me abreast of the latest cycling stories...

Gene Hackman Struck by Pickup Truck While Cycling in the Florida Keys.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Not to Popeye Doyle (Lex Luthor, if you prefer) specifically, but to a celebrity who happens to enjoy bicycling.

Royal Tennenbaum - who is 81 and still riding a bike - suffered minor injuries and was released within a few hours, despite having to be airlifted from the scene.  When will celebrities learn to wear helmets?  Read more here.

Specialized vs Volagi verdict: Choi guilty, Forsman not Guilty.  In this "company secrets" case, I will report the news and share links without rendering any commentary such as this (for now).  Read Bike Radar's story here.  Follow the complete story as it unfolded with links found here.

The Bike-a-Bee Project is generating quite a buzz.  John Greenfield provides another great piece of bicycling journalism (if you don't mind puns) in the latest feature article on Grid Chicago.

"Chicago cyclist Jana Kinsman has a honey of a plan... She decided to start Bike-a-Bee, a car-free beekeeping project back home in the Windy City."  This is a very intriguing project and John offers a very interesting story to accompany his in-person interview (done by bike).

Whether imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or just a sign of lazy journalism, another article on Kinsman appeared on Huffington Post three days later (which I refuse to link).  Nevertheless, let's hope the national publicity helps Jana save the bees!

Biking to work nearly doubles over 5 years in the region.  Between 2006 and 2010, the number of people who biked to work in metropolitan Chicago increased substantially, according to new survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Region wide, bike commuting increased 89 percent, with the largest percentage increases in the counties of Kendall (172 percent), Kane (138 percent), Lake (114 percent) and Cook (98 percent). Eighty percent of the bike commute trips are in Cook County.

Read the whole report courtesy of the Active Transportation Alliance.  Keep up with their great work by reading their blog and following them on Facebook.

Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 meeting this Wednesday, January 18th.  Thanks to the League of Illinois Bicyclists for reminding us of Chicago's next Cycling Plan 2020 meeting!  Mark your calendar for this Wednesday, 6 to 8pm at Garfield Park Conservatory to continue the dialogue on making Chicago's streets safer for cyclists.

Don't forget Winter Bike to Work Day is this Friday, January 20th at Daily Plaza.  Find all the details here on ATA's calendar.

Come on out to the Chicago Winter Bike Swap at Harper College this Saturday, January 21st.  Held in Palatine from 9:30 to 3:30 (admission $5), this is an excellent opportunity to buy surplus bike accessories, apparel, and parts from local shops and individuals.

There will also be new and used bikes on sale.  Who knows, some lucky cyclist between 6' and 6'4" may be in the right place at the right time to purchase a certain red, 2011 Bianchi Infinito Ultegra, barely-ridden manufacturer's demo model for a whopping one thousand dollars off current retail...  Full details about the swap here.

This week on the chainlink.  If you're a city cyclist, you should be following the chainlink!  Julie Hochstadter posts a weekly calendar of what's going on in the city bicycling scene.  You can also follow the chainlink on Facebook.

That's all space allows for this week's review.  If you crave cycling stories 24/7, leave a comment below and I'll hook you up with a subscription to all of my Google Reader news bundles.

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