It's Not Spring, But I'll Take It!

It's Not Spring, But I'll Take It!
Paul Douglas Trail in January, Courtesy of Heart Of A Cyclist

I don’t think I’ve ever ridden my bike in January.

Once the temperature drops below forty or the first snowflakes hit the ground (whether they stick or not), my bikes are cleaned, lubed, spit-polished and hung on the wall like the fine pieces of art that they are.

I never expected a fifty degree day during the first week of the New Year.  I checked my cold weather cycling gear – the lack of which is really the primary reason for hanging up my cleats for the season – and discovered that a pair of tights, a wicking base layer, a long sleeve wool jersey, and a wind shell would be more than sufficient.  It’s really nothing less than I would wear on a chilly spring morning.

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This is the first of many linked posts planned for my other blog, Heart Of A Cyclist.  It focuses more on personal bicycling experiences and living with heart disease.

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