Do Chicagoans Really Say These Things?

I thought cyclists were ridiculous with the (insert adjective here) things they say...

Not to be outdone, a new video has appeared on YouTube featuring the s*#t Chicagoans say!

See if you recognize a few of these things as having flown from your own lips on occasion...

Have a great weekend!


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  • Let the CTA Tattler know about #4.

    With regard to the slap at the hotdog stand, I once saw a kid saying that he wanted ketchup, right under a display for the book "Never Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog."

    The usual expression is that "you're not from Chicago, but from Naperville," not Skokie.

    Although these all looked like yuppies, they seemed pretty accurate. I guess Bob Sirott is now "old school." Red, Pink, and Green Lines are "so after 1996." Now, if someone had a video of what people on the south and west sides say... As well as a compilation of malaprops from Kings Richard I and II.

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