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Chicago Bears: Its not the coach

Chicago Bears: Its not the coach
As a Chicago Bears fan, it is easy to blur the truth of what needs to happen to this team moving forward due to a deep-rooted passion for my team. As someone who lives in Denver, Colorado and casually follows the Denver Broncos, however, the truth becomes all the more clear. There is one unifying... Read more »

Chicago Sports' Diagnosis: Constipation

Chicago Sports' Diagnosis: Constipation
We’ve all eaten a not-so-nice meal from time to time that jammed us up pretty good. You’ve tried coffee, fiber, probiotics…hell, even a cigarette. Nothing. That “flow” is gone. Welcome to the current state of Chicago Sports. On paper, Chicago has something to be proud of. The Chicago Bulls have a player in Derrick Rose... Read more »
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    I've won 3 pulitzer prizes in journalism. At the ripe age of 8, I was in Germany covering the fall of the Berlin Wall. Only a year later, I was in Iraq to cover the beginning of Desert Storm. I talked Michael Jordan out of retirement both times, wrote the screenplay for "Harold and Kumar", and recorded the album "Cats singing Christmas songs." I enjoy watching hot yoga, anything that has to do with a Trailer Park, and photos of animals dressed in formal clothing.

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