IMPORTANT: This is a satirical blog. Many of the accounts and descriptions of people, events, and history are distorted for the purpose of my own sick sense of humor. Please be offended.

Chicago Skyline 2008
Chicago Skyline 2008 (Photo credit: TomC)

The Dutch Oven

I like Chicago. My first memories of it were Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls, the Blues Brothers, and towering skyscrapers. I also remember coming into town from the western suburbs and being fearful yet excited at this new world of crazy drivers, homeless people, and loud noises.

Chicago is unique to the world in the way it deals with grief. Thanks to unique flubs like Illinois Governors, the Chicago Cubs, and past natural disasters, Chicagoans have developed a beautifully sarcastic way of processing things. This blog is intended for the sole purpose of most sarcastically processing the news.

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