Derrick Rose: Front Row to Taking a Backseat

Derrick Rose: Front Row to Taking a Backseat

The broadcast last night told us to be in awe of our "team leader" talking to, cheering for, and engaging with his fellow Chicago Bulls teammates. He quite athletically moved around the bench, feeding off the energy that was the Bulls' impressive Game 2 performance in Brooklyn to even the series with the Nets at 1-1.

But if you're a Chicago Bulls fan, getting excited and overjoyed at Derrick Rose's animation is a profoundly short-sighted thing to cheer about. I don't respect a criminal whether he told the truth or not, and neither should we be happy over the $19 million/year suit-wearing bench jockey clapping for his teammates despite disregarding the opinions of those that matter (save 'God') on the health of his knee.

And as if he's not aware he's on camera.

Sure, I'm blasting the franchise of the Bulls. Sure, Derrick Rose is by no means a criminal. He earned his contract by being the youngest MVP, the hometown hero, and a good-natured good kid.

So what happened?

Perhaps this is all part of a larger problem: the fact that the NBA has become more and more a fraternity of players vs. cash-counting GMs. The blood baths of the 1990s have been replaced by the "every superstar is best buddies" theme in today's NBA, the theme that the Chicago Bulls seemed destined to replace with their smashmouth team every bit capable of contending for a title with defense and smart role players surrounding Derrick Rose. So maybe Bulls v Pistons has been replaced by Players vs. GMs, GMs vs. collective bargaining, etc.

Somewhere, MJ is ashing his cigar with disgust.

Now, the smashmouth team we see gutting out a Game 2 win against the Brooklyn Nets seems far disparate from their key piece that this was all built for.... The engine who's keys sit in Rose's pockets as he sports a nice suit.

So cheer on, Derrick, as will any Bulls fan. But its all vanity until you put that uniform on. You are the last person we need to be cheering, and the first (#1 on your back) person we need playing. We don't need Clark Kent.


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