Top 5 reasons Derrick Rose must return now

Top 5 reasons Derrick Rose must return now

Enough is enough. Bulls fans are tired of the chatter. The Derrick Rose saga is starting to turn into a soap opera. Bulls fans hate soap operas. Here is why Derrick Rose must be back on the floor for the next game.

5. The Bulls suck:

With the east pretty wide open after Miami, Derrick Rose, if he performs well, could turn the Bulls into a contender. It would probably take a major injury or setback for the Bulls to beat Miami, but all other eastern teams are beatable. Derrick Rose would give them the upper hand they've had on these teams in years past.

4. Free agent market

With the Bulls needing to make some offseason moves to get better - not just pass the time with Rose on the bench, the free agent market needs to see a healthy Derrick Rose perform in order to consider any options that would accomodate a Chicago Bulls team strapped for cash. Ray Allen, for instance, took a lower salary to play with the Heat for a chance to compete for a ring. It will take that sort of maneuvering for the Bulls to land anybody that realistically gives them a chance to win a ring. It'll also take that commitment for the Chicago Bulls to ensure that Derrick Rose will remain a Chicago Bull in the future.

3. Next year may be now

Then there's the reality of this season. Outside perhaps winning a first round playoff series, the Bulls are playing for next year. And with their star player out for as long as he's been, he needs to be on the court starting now to be ready for next season, both mentally and physically. With a minute count, and perhaps sitting the 3rd game or 2nd of back to backs, the Bulls can find a way to get their star tuned before next season. A preseason won't be enough, and would already eat into next year before you see a full strength Rose.

2. He is a Chicago Bull

He wears #1 on his back, and gets paid more than anybody else on the team. Regardless of where the Bulls are in the standings, if he can play he should play. The Bulls charge one of the highest ticket prices and sell out every game, largely thanks to Derrick Rose. From a business ethics standpoint, it should be a no brainer to return Rose to the city of Chicago.

1. Psychology

Look, Derrick Rose is 23 years old. There's absolutely no reason to think that, physically, he's not capable of doing what he once did on a basketball court. The more pressing issue is the mental aspect of the game. Right now, Rose has been quoted as saying that he's still hesitant dunking of his left foot.

But of course he's hesitant! He's doing it in practice and shootaround situations. These situations don't allow for Rose's natural competitive instincts to take hold. Those will only become available to him again when he is charged up in the heat of battle. With a doctor's clearance, he's ready to start finding that level of play again. The longer he sits and thinks about the frailty of his body, the longer the comeback process will take.

ACL surgeries are common today. Nearly as common is the success rate of players returning from those knee injuries. The only position in the NBA that has struggled has been the center position. Rose bears far less weight, and his agility are far different than any Greg Oden type player.


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  • I have read that the connection on the ACL repair is the issue, and this connection will continue to strengthen for some more months. Does anyone know if other docs have a different opinion from Rose's own doc?

    Derricks muscles should be stronger if he has been rehabing correctly, which seems likely. If his muscles are stronger, then that can alter his shots and it can take time to get on target again. If Derrick feels his shot is off, that coupled with additional time to solidfy the ACL repair could explain his decision. He may feel: Why push it, even if the risk is slight, if he is not shooting well anyway? He won't get the Bulls to the ECF.

  • What I'm hearing is that the hamstring is the issue. It makes sense, because the hamstring naturally wants to compensate for any ligament weakness in the back of the knee (based on several docs I saw on my ACL recovery). But, the strength and integrity of the knee is in tact. A doctor would not clear him if that were the problem. If the ACL is not fully, 100% connected at this point, and in fact wasn't 3 months ago, then the surgery was not a success, but I think based on pre-game shoot around his knee is fine.

    This is all mental at this stage of the game. You can just hear it in his comments

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