Pennies from Heaven: How Marijuana stocks have people seeing Green

Pennies from Heaven: How Marijuana stocks have people seeing Green

Buying and selling weed ain't what it used to be.

Nowadays, apart from soon being able to get the stuff in Colorado and Washington state over the counter, and in many other states with a prescription to treat your "headache", opportunities abound on the stock market to buy and sell marijuana stocks.

These stocks are mostly sold on 'pink sheets' or the OTCBB, meaning they are extremely small, micro, and nano capped stocks. Basically, they don't have to file with the SEC necessarily, they don't have to report much to you as an investor, and any growth could be as long-lived as the life of a housefly.

However, its becoming more and more apparent that these flies will be around a while.

Take for instance, perhaps, the story of the year. A small company, Medbox, inc. (MDBX), was plodding along with marginal gains up until the election on super tuesday in November. Medbox creates a "redbox"-like electronic dispensary for patients, and is based in California.

Well, soon after the election, some analysts speculated that the little stock at a couple bucks a share could be THE stock to buy, and people took notice....

One trading day: a couple bucks went to $215/share!!

Of course, it was grossly overvalued and came plummeting down the next day, but the stock still sits at around $54/share.

My first thought was "so you're telling me if I gave the company my Comcast bill in money that morning, they would have given me back $20,000 dollars?!!"

And so, the research flame was ignited, so here are a few stocks that could have similar paths in this wacky, crazy, totally new economy that is growing in our country:

1. Mediswipe (MWIP)

I did personally enjoy this one, getting in at .025, and enjoyed selling at .10, so basically it quadrupled, which was nice. Mediswipe is helping dispensaries in Michigan perform transactions, along with other financial services, and also making patient prescriptions and records much easier to access for providers, including dispensaries. This one could be a real gainer, and it still sits at .107, having gained nearly 100% since monday morning.

2. Medical Marijuana, inc. (MJNA)

These guys are more on the consumer end of marijuana. Although it may not be there yet, federally, they may be positioning themselves for major growth or buyout from a major corporation if the current trend continues with the Fed looking the other way. You know it, any form of digestive (chewing gum, eyedrops, cannabinoid water) is available.

Oh yeah, they've also doubled this week.

3. Cannabis Science (CBIS)

This is you medical company, which can make hardened small cap traders wary (see the movie "Boiler Room"). But, this company is real, and is not messing around, appointing a new member of their scientific advisory board with profound accolades today, and resulting in some major gains. While still volatile, this stock has shown signs for tremendous growth in price over short periods of time.

So take it or leave it, this is not an investment piece, but more a piece adding another view of what this legislation means to our country.

Imagine prohibition, and the companies that came of alcohol becoming legal. Annheuser-Busch, Molson Coors, sitting with some nice profits. Who is going to be the company that springs to life as our federal laws melt away?

Someone will blaze a trail as many Americans get comfortable with the notion that blazing is legal.


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