Joakim Noah the perfect complement to the All-Star game

Joakim Noah the perfect complement to the All-Star game

There were handshakes, high-fives, even hugs on full display Sunday night as the NBA's diminishing all-start game yet again took place in Houston, Texas.

And then, there was Joakim Noah.

The NBA of 2013 was reminded of what it used to be like when Joakim Noah checked into the game. Playing like a man possessed (as usual), Noah fought for every stat in the statline.

He was not out there to enjoy celebrating how "great" everyone is, or to rub shoulders with Lebron and Wade, who'd prefer to be dressed in defunct street clothes and sunglasses, oohing and ahhing at competitions that they've never done their NBA diligence in competing in.

Noah was there to win, just ask Chris Paul's face.

On a fast break, Joakin Noah shed Chris Paul, the all-star game's MVP with a nice elbow to the face. Every rebound was ripped from the sky, every dunk came with a shreik, every play mattered.

So just when you thought the NBA had forever become a league full of rich entertainers, of Kanye West idolizers, or Michael Jackson used-clothing wearers, the NBA got to see what it should be made up of.

Joakim Noah. Thank you for being a Chicago Bull.


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