Chicago Bulls need to trade Richard Hamilton for a big man

Chicago Bulls need to trade Richard Hamilton for a big man

Amidst all the glory of winning without Rose, and positioning themselves to make a legit run at the east when he returns, there is an underlying concern that Bulls fans have for this team.


As long as Thibodeau is coach of the Chicago Bulls, the players he trusts will be playing long, hard minutes. In fact, there isn't another team in the NBA that plays their starters the way Thibs does.

Just ask Jimmy Butler, from bench role to 40-minute plus starter overnight while Luol Deng nursed a hamstring injury.

In earlier posts, i questioned very much the minute consumption of players like Deng and Noah. I went as far as predicting some injuries to both players this year as a result of them.

But what else does Thibodeau have to work with? Nazr Mohammed, while he may be able to play some minutes for them, is a severe downgrade when on the floor for Chicago. Taj taking turns in there works, but not when you also have a banged up Boozer. He can't play Power Forward and Center at the same time.

The answer is the Chicago Bulls need to be in the market for a back-up center at this point, and its never made more sense to dump Richard Hamilton. The future other than Derrick Rose in the form of Jimmy Butler is showing us what our backcourt should look like right now.

An obvious team would be a former Bull, Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats. They currently have 6 players at power forward/center. Dasagna Diop makes a ton of sense, so lets trade Richard Hamilton for Dasagna Diop.

Diop backed up Tyson Chandler, and is known for tenacious defense. The Bobcats feature Adrien, Mullens, and Biyombo, with Diop somewhat of an after thought. They also are still, and may always be, in rebuild mode. So, flagging a player for removal and taking back a couple months of a vet shouldn't be a big deal for them.

Another team that makes a lot of sense would be the Golden State Warriors. They feature a couple lights out young guards, but a vet presence like Rip could help that backcourt gel for the future. Richard Hamilton can even slide to the 3 at times, with Harrison Barnes still adjusting to the NBA. They are also getting big man Andrew Bogut back, making a player like Andris Biedrins extremely expendable.

While the Bulls are almost never creative at the deadline, it would make sense for them to upgrade their frontcourt with the recent rash of minute-induced nagging injuries. And Noah's plantar fasciitis is no joke. That can severely limit a big man.

The Chicago Bulls have a chance this year if Derrick Rose can play similar to what we've seen in his young career. They just need more beef up front protecting his basket.

And there's always Kenyon Martin too.

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