Top 5 Targets for Chicago Bulls before the trade deadline

Top 5 Targets for Chicago Bulls before the trade deadline

The trade deadline, roughly 6 weeks away, will come at around the same time that Derrick Rose will return to the Chicago Bulls.

The current Chicago Bulls roster has featured some surprise new players in Marco Bellinelli and Nate Robinson, and solid play from returning Bulls Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah.

While the Bulls rarely make a splash at the trade deadline, here are a few deals that could give them a legit chance at winning the championship this year, barring any setbacks to Rose's return.


Sign Kenyon Martin

Thats right, I said it. This guy still has springs and a tenacious approach to playing defense, setting screens, and attacking the rim. Nevermind that tattoo of lips on his neck, just consider it a show of affection we'd have for a guy who could back up both Noah and Boozer, along with Gibson, and one who would bring some aggression and experience to a playoff team.


Dahntay Jones for Kirk Hinrich

It wouldn't be hard to sell Dallas on much of anything, especially on backcourt players. This team is so desperate, they just signed Mike James, age 37, from the D-League. They use Dahntay Jones as a defensive specialist off the bench, and that is what he is. At 32, he's still incredibly athletic, with the ability to guard on the ball and be unselfish. He'd be a great fit in Chicago, which will need less ball-handling when D-Rose returns, and more complementary defense.


Samuel Dalembert for Kirk Hinrich

As you can see, I'm quite eager to rid the Chicago Bulls of Kirk Hinrich. This deal makes sense for both teams, despite being division rivals. The money is a little bit off, but with only a couple months left on Samuel Dalembert's contract, the two sides could make it work. It would have made more sense before Skiles' departure, but Hinrich also played under Jim Boylan. The Bucks have a slew of front court players, all of which seem to be improving including Larry Sanders and John Henson. Dalembert would be a realistic option to backing up Noah, rather than the Bulls having to use Nazr Mohammed in the case of an injury.


Gerald Henderson for Hinrich and a pick

The Bulls have a good draft pick they can dangle out there to a team like Charlotte that is still a major rebuilding project. That, along with Hinrich, could get a deal like this done for a player that continues to get better, can defend, and is a perfect complement to Derrick Rose. He also only has one more year left on his contract, so it would make sense for Charlotte to be looking to deal rather than sign Henderson to a long-term contract while still sitting at the bottom of the NBA.


Tyreke Evans for Richard Hamilton and a pick

The trade may not make sense at first, but consider this: Tyreke Evans will be walking away from Sacramento at the end of the season. He'll be a restricted free agent, and if you've seen what Sacramento has done in recent drafts, you'll realize he's not in the future plans for Sacramento, soon to be Seattle. If he is not dealt by the deadline, the Kings could get nothing in return. Hamilton, or Hinrich, or both, along with a draft pick, would get Tyreke Evans to Chicago. He's an extremely talented player that needs to be in a system focused on winning. People forget where this guy came from, and his early success in the NBA. Chicago would be the perfect place to resurrect this guys career, and give the Bulls the best backcourt in the NBA.




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  • Good idea. Get somebody for Hinrich. And whomever we get, trade him for Hinrich next year.

    Seriously, these moves seem like replacing retreads with retreads.

  • Tough to say -- Henderson and Tyreke Evans have always played on one team in a poor organization. They may turn out to not be long-term solutions, but they are in a salary cap predicament and these are much better players than what we currently have at the 2 guard position. I think that Tyreke Evans makes a ton of sense for the Bulls to explore.

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