Top 5 Chicago Sports Enemies of All Time

Whether they kicked us while we were down, or tried to distastefully ruin what we had going, these 5 clowns are the biggest enemies to Chicago sports of all time.

# 5 John Starks

I actually think we enjoyed having this guy around as a rival. He pushed Michael and Scottie to the brink a few times, along with the rest of the band of thugs from New York, but the Bulls (almost) always persevered.

He later joined the Bulls after MJ and Scottie had moved on, but lobbied so hard to go to a playoff team and leave the Bulls that he even offered up his salary. For 17 games he dogged it and drew boos from Chicago Fans. What a chump.

# 4 Prince Fielder

I think that both Cubs and White Sox fans can agree they don't like this guy. First, he spent time opposing the Cubs on the Brewers (and learning how to be a jackass), and now he is full-timing his idiocy in Detroit opposed to the White Sox. He was even a likely Cubs signing during free agency 2 years ago, but chose to go to Detroit instead. Clown.

# 3 Lebron James

Most teams and fans in the NBA did not appreciate Lebron much after his sideshow and subsequent pep rally in Miami. But, people forget that Chicago was the hands-down most logical destination for Lebron. At present, the Bulls would have Lebron James playing alongside the entire team we have today. The bench may be a little thinner, with Taj likely not an option for re-signing, but the Bulls had enough cash for 2 free agents, so they'd still have Boozer (or more likely Bosh) along with Deng, Noah, Rose.

He's also mixed it up with Noah, who is no fan of Lebron. Anyone Noah doesn't like, I don't like. This guy is truly "Hollywood as hell".

#2 Reggie Miller

Reggie became Michael and the Bulls' biggest rival the day he set foot back on an NBA basketball court. In his return, the Bulls played Miller in Indy, a game that ended in a flourish, a major collision, and a preview of what was to come. While Michael was away, Miller took time out of a game to bow at center court with 1.8 seconds left, only to be upstaged by Kukoc banking in a game winner. The next night the Bulls invaded Indy, winning by 9, and leading to Scottie's bow.

Reggie was a great player, but a cheap one. He always kicked his legs, shoved off to get open through screens, and talked a ton of trash. He was even hard to look at, sporting a wirey frame, believing that lifting weights would "mess up his shot."

Don't worry, Michael got this chump every time, including this gem:

# 1 Brett Favre

Of COURSE its Brett Favre. Every Bears fans remembers the weekly cycle of quarterbacks we had to endure for a 10 year period, all while the Packers enjoyed one Bear killer the whole time.

He also was America's good ole boy: a squeaky clean, smooth-talking prototypical quarterback (with a pill popping problem) who torched the league and the Bears until a couple text messages got him in trouble.

The beautiful thing about this public enemy #1 is that we all remember (and cheered) how it one ended:

Got an enemy? Let's hear it!

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