This week in Kirk Hinrich is the worst....

This week in Kirk Hinrich is the worst....

More of the same.

The Bulls continue to win in spite of their starting point guard. If you want proof that the Chicago Bulls can contend when Rose returns, then Kirk Hinrich is your man.

His statistics don't lie: 36% FG, 67% FT, 7 ppg, 5.5 assists in 27.5 minutes per game. And those assists? You can thank Bellinelli, Hamilton, and Deng, because these are not "drive and dish" assists. These are "oh crap, the shot clock is running down -- here shoooooot ittttttt" assists.

Now I know he's had his knee looked at, and he's a stop gap, but the statistics should be enough. If he was a quarterback, we'd be seeing a 3rd stringer. If he was a pitcher, he'd be in the minors. If he was a tennis player he'd be broke and selling insurance.

But, because he's an NBA point guard on the Chicago Bulls, its ok?

Oh, but he's a floor general. He's a distributor. He's a leader, and he's more efficient than the next best option.

In a list of NBA point guards based on efficiency, a statistic that takes that all into account, Kirk Hinrich ranks 36th, one spot behind none other than Nate Robinson. The only reason it is even close is because Hinrich averages 2 more assists a game. Nevermind his better FG% (42), his 5 ppg better average, and his overall ability to look like an NBA athlete instead of a Lens Crafters repairman.

So why are we stuck with this guy, still, at point guard?? Why can't we entertain a different option if only to win a few more games before the eventual return of Derrick Rose?

Well, at least one thing is for sure. The Chicago Bulls are still a good team even with the NBA's worst option at point guard.

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