Rajon Rondo will be eager to see Derrick Rose return

Rajon Rondo will be eager to see Derrick Rose return

Another unfortunate event happened in the NBA over the weekend when NBA all-star starting point guard Rajon Rondo's MRI revealed a torn ACL during the Celtics' win over the Miami Heat.

The unfortunate event is a potential catastrophe for the Celtics, who sit in the 8th seed, and judging by their recent performance had work cut out for them to get into a position of winning a first round playoff series.

Without Rondo, the Celtics are probably 1 and done, if they even get in.

For all the Bulls fans, it's a sigh of relief to know that we are almost at the end of the journey, the anticipation of seeing how our star point guard will return from ACL surgery. And there is a bit of irony at work here too.

When Derrick Rose went down, the majority of NBA fans were saying things like "he'll not come back as explosive", or "he needs to change how he plays", and finally "you can't last playing like he does in the NBA" as if Bulls fans had any interest in hearing that Derrick Rose was, in effect, all flash and athleticism.

But now, and partly thanks to Adrian Peterson, we aren't hearing those sentiments anymore. Peterson came back well before the time table of Rose, in a sport that involves much more direct contact towards the knee area, and came a break away TD away from having the best single season rushing performance in NFL history.

In the NFL, no one lasts as long as NBA players, yet Peterson owned the NFL with a surgically-repaired knee, and Peterson is approaching his 28th birthday. Rose recently turned 24.

So now Rajon Rondo will be the next player in line, eagerly anticipating another player's return from his ACL recovery. Of course in his case, you won't hear anyone suggesting that because of the style, the moves that Rondo makes, he was more pre-disposed to tear up his knee.

The ACL does seem to be a growing trend among top athletes, with Peterson, RGIII, Shumpert, Rose, Ricky Rubion, Lou Williams, and now Rondo all recently going through it. The knee in general has been problematic for NBA players recently (Andrew Bynum, Eric Gordon, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Michael Redd). Perhaps the only thing that can be said at this point is that athletes are training their bodies so well, so fast, so strong, that the one area of the body that can't be trained is taking more impact.

But we've seen the improvements in ACL reconstruction, and the good thing about this particular surgery is that, barring other major knee disruptions, it is typically today a 100% recovery.

But Rondo, 27 in February, does have a few more miles on him and will be 28 before he plays again. So from now until his return, Rajon Rondo will be hoping Derrick Rose's return re-assures him that he can do the same.



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