Is Boozer shedding "Amnesty" tag in Chicago?

Is Boozer shedding "Amnesty" tag in Chicago?
He's started in 123 consecutive games, and playing at a high-level.

Before the season, one word was synonomous with Carlos Boozer: Amnesty.

The salary cap stress over the next couple years, and the declining play of Boozer pointed directly at management making the decision to eventually shed themselves of Boozer's $15 million/year contract.

123 consecutive starts later, one of the league's best double-double recorders, and a couple surprisingly athletic plays (Biyombo!), and Carlos Boozer looks like he may be earning that contract.

Or at least be earning some value on the trade market.

Suddenly, with the emergence of Jimmy Butler, and Carlos Boozer's value seemingly on the uptick, the Bulls have more options than any would have thought prior to this season. Maybe Derrick Rose's injury did more for the future of the Bulls than anyone could have imagined after Game 1 of the playoffs last year?

With young players like Eric Gordon, Kevin Love, and Demarcus Cousins surely testing free agency or wanting out of their dismal situations, the Bulls seem like they are setting up to be a prime player for landing that long-awaited Rose running mate. For that Robin to Rose's Batman.

Of course, there is always that chance the Bulls have the ingredients right now to win. Remember, the Bulls performed well agains Miami in the ECF 2 years ago, despite losing in 5 games. That was without a fully-functioning Boozer. They only missed a re-match due to the injury of Rose. And now? The Bulls sit 3rd in the weak eastern conference, with teams like Boston (EFC finalist) and Philly (Semifinalist) now being total non factors.

The thing everyone can agree upon is that the Bulls future is looking brighter and brighter so long as what they have continues to play the way that it does.

And one way or another, with what we have or with what we could accomplish on the NBA market, the stars could be aligning sooner than later.



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  • 15 million a year? Overpaid.

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