R.I.P. Hamilton

R.I.P. Hamilton

Theoretically, Rip Hamilton is a perfect Chicago Bull. His activity moving off of screens, and ability to knock down mid range jumpshots was to be a perfect supplement to the creative, explosive game of Derrick Rose, and a floor spacer for Boozer and Deng.

The biggest news out of Chicago is Derrick's Rose's recovery, and will continue to be until he returns to the court. Were it not for that, we'd be coming to another realization we were facing much of last year: Richard Hamilton cannot and will not stay healthy.

Hamilton, 34, had been playing one of his best stretches in the past several seasons. It included back to back games against division opponent Milwaukee, where he scored 22 and 30 points in each game.

They were also two of his highest minute counts of the season (36 minutes played), something that Hamilton used to rack up with ease when he played for Detroit. And now, only days later, Hamilton will once again be shelved due to injury. With a completely torn fascia, Hamilton will be out at least 1-2 weeks.

And while the formula for winning in Chicago has been put on hold with Derrick Rose out, Hamilton is one more reminder of what could have been. A player to pump in jumpshots with ease, playing off of Derrick Rose. A guy to rattle Dwayne Wade with his ability to lose defenders in traffic. A gritty NBA champion to help get tough buckets and knock down pressure free throws at the end of games.

The injury will give the Bulls a spot in the rotation to explore, perhaps, a more long-term option in Jimmy Butler. He is a long 2/3 who should, if not starting, get much more playing time in Hamilton's absence.

And sure, Hamilton will be back. But his days as a Chicago Bull will almost certainly be ending when his contract is up at the end of the season when he becomes a restricted free agent. It's unfortunate, but it's time to say R.I.P. Hamilton.


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