Jay Cutler's physical injuries now eclipse injuries to his image

Jay Cutler's physical injuries now eclipse injuries to his image

Jay Cutler, the league's second most hated player behind Ndamakung Suh, has taken a lot of hits to his image over the years. Many of these have been brought on by himself, and some have been unfair.

Either way, the toll on his body now far exceeds the toll on his image.

Jay Cutler, love him or hate him, is the quarterback of the Chicago Bears for now and the future. Chicago pulled off a surprising deal for him despite reports he had been tough to deal with in Denver, and rumors of being a jerk to fans and other personnel in the locker room and on the field.

The biggest problem Chicago was supposed to have was with dealing with his personality, sometimes his decision to make dangerous throws down the field (still a problem), and his propensity to put on a smokin' Jay look on the sidelines, looking uninterested in the game.

They forgot that for those issues to even be a concern, they needed to keep their quarterback standing on two feet. The only thing standing tall about this Bears team is that their quarterback is bloody and bruised, while any image issues he may have are taking a backseat to the onslaught.

The whole thing just makes you scratch your head. For a third year in a row, Bears fans are watching a season of opportunity diminish thanks mostly to a complete lack of commitment to their team's most valuable player.

If Phil Emery were in real estate, he'd be looking to buy million dollar houses in Florida without Hurricane insurance. If he was car shopping he'd be buying a Bentley without brakes on it. If he went on a date with an attractive girl, he'd be trying to take her home to his parent's basement.

And so, as another hopeful Chicago Bears season gets flushed down the tubes, at least Jay Cutler is no longer being talked about as the most hated player in the NFL. Thanks to the Chicago Bears front office, Jay Cutler is now one of the NFL's most injured players, a list that may not hurt his image but one that hurts the entire team's chance at ever making another Super Bowl run.

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