Chicago Bulls play Clippers tough, Kirk Hinrich doesn't

Chicago Bulls play Clippers tough, Kirk Hinrich doesn't
"Oh, I have to guard HIM??"

The Bulls were led by the efforts of Boozer, Bellinelli, and Noah as they tried to match the athletic Clippers and gut out a 4th win out of the last 5. And they probably could have won the game too, but Kirk Hinrich plays for them.

Well, what about his backup?

Nate Robinson, once again, showed that he is a better player, and tonight in 10 fewer minutes. Kirk did match up against Chris Paul, one of the league's premier point guards, but so what? Eric Bledsoe is a starter playing a backup role, and Nate also locked up against CP3 several times. It wasn't until towards the end, with Hinrich on him, that CP3 start racking up points (finishing with 18).

But we all know how Thibodeau likes to do it. Just ask Ronnie Brewer when he assumed a backup role for an entire season despite being a far superior all around player to Keith Bogans. He's now a starter on a top NBA team in New York.

However, this is the position that the Bulls cannot afford to continue relying on Kirk Hinrich. Turning 32 just after the new year, Kirk looks slow, uncreative, unable to create space or get in the lane like he once did..Pretty much un-NBA point guard-like.

He's also unable to start the offense, which mostly goes through the front-court, in the first quarter, forcing the Bulls to start slow and play from behind often times. It is critical to have a player in the lineup that can get by his man to open up the floor and allow big guys to get to the rim...That player right now is Nate Robinson.

So the Chicago Bulls continue to play tough despite their best player being out for a few more weeks? months? In the meantime, coach Thibodeau and the Bulls need to trim the fat and that fat is Kirk Hinrich.



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  • No the reason we lost was absolutely because of the misreable refs. The refs should be fined.

    However we should have done better, like less turnovers. I care about the shooting but seriuosly just don't frickin turn the ball over.

  • Chris Paul also should be fined. He is clearly one of the top violators of the floprule, but he does it with the ball so its tough to make that fine.

    There is no comparison to a team like the Clippers in athleticism, especially with the minute counts our top players are putting up. How is Noah supposed to control the boards against Jordan and Griffin when he's playing 40 minutes/game?

  • CP3 was actually below his season shooting and assist averages with Kirk on the floor.

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    This post is so wrong. Hinrich did a good job on Paul except for on the last shot that CP3 took. Nate Robinson was getting abused on defense by everyone he was guarding, including Bledsoe. Which is the case pretty much every night -- Robinson is a below average defender (and it doesn't help that he gives up at least 6 inches to pretty much anyone he has to guard).

    Also, Hinrich had to have a MRI on his knee Thursday, so he was injured at some point in that game, yet he still kept playing.

    Hinrich is the better point guard, the better ballhandler and the far better defender. Robinson is the better scorer and is more explosive, true, but he is far more likely to make a stupid decision with the ball in his hands at any moment than Hinrich is.

  • In reply to Tracey Graham:

    Its not wrong to suggest that Kirk Hinrich is a terrible option at point guard. First of all, he's not a better ballhandler than Robinson, because he doesn't do anything with the ball in his hands, he doesn't facilitate anything for his teammates. He is a gunshy version of CJ Watson, dribbling and waiting.

    And ok, he had an MRI -- but thats part of the problem, he's going into his 4th or 5th different injury of the season already, another reason he shouldn't be a starting point guard.

    Its a stretch to say Robinson was getting abused by everyone he was guarding. Hinrich did not do a good job, he got in early foul trouble and was not able to establish the Bulls offense. The offense opened up considerably and we caught up to the Clippers when Robinson came in.

    I think you make some valid points, but the bottom line is that our point guard situation is dire without Rose, and Robinson gives the team a better chance to win right now. Hinrich is breaking down, you can just look at him and tell he's never committed himself to fitness the way that Robinson has, and he doesn't have a creative enough game that benefits the Bulls stagnant offense

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