Trade Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer for Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace

Trade Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer for Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace
He's started in 123 consecutive games, and playing at a high-level.

Oh you think I'm crazy? You think that doesn't make any sense? Well, I may be crazy, but it makes too much sense.

The money is very close. Deng ($13.3 million) and Boozer ($15 million) are about the same as Gasol ($19.2 million) and Metta ($7.7 million). The Lakers would have to toss in another player to make the money match, which would be no problem by picking into their bench junk.

The Bulls would get a big man that would fit perfectly with Joakim Noah. A passer, good shooter, and bigger body to help return the Bulls to a dominant frontline with a pair of 7-footers. He's even an upgrade defensively over Boozer, and a predominantly half-court player who would fit well into the Bulls' system.

Pau has already fallen out of the rotation in LA.

The Lakers get a younger perimeter player capable of defense, but also of pushing the ball in Luol Deng. He also only has 2 years left on his contract.

As for Boozer, thats the tough part.

You'd need to sell the Lakers on a player, that while he does cost less than Gasol, is on the downside of his career. Boozer wouldn't be asked to play defense like he is in Chicago and under Mike D'antoni's run and gun offense, more similar to Boozer's days in Utah. He'd be asked to spread the floor for Dwight Howard, and to shoot and rebound, something he is still quite capable of doing.

But Luol Deng could be the key to making the deal happen.

In 2007, the Bulls and Lakers were deep in trade talks involving Kobe Bryant to the Bulls. The hangup? Kobe wouldn't allow Deng to be involved, because he was adamant on playing with Deng if he were to come to Chicago. And while Kobe has made well with Metta, the competitor inside of him would be all for a Deng/Metta swap.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that the Bulls can monitor Gasol and either amnesty him at the end of this or next season, or let him play out his contract. By getting rid of Deng and Boozer, that means you have the difference between Deng and Metta left over (an extra $7 million), which could be the difference in landing a major free agent after next season.

So the Bulls could be real players in free agency in 2 years while getting a player in Gasol that gives them a better chance to win right now. The saying has always been that the team that gets the best player gets the better deal. Bulls fans, Gasol is on another level than Boozer or Deng.

And for those that would be sad to see Luol Deng go, its understandable. However, the Bulls could focus on a few shooters to replace his offense while knowing they already have his defense in Metta World Peace. (Deng's percentages have gone down steadily under Thibodeau while leading the NBA in minutes).

So its time for the most conservative management in the NBA to take a chance via trade. Give D-Rose a player in Gasol that will be able to move and play with a creative guard as he did so well with Kobe. And allow us to have more money in free agency in the coming years.



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  • Bahahaha, if your answer for the season is trade rape the lakers, keep dreamin. That would be more one sided than the trade that brought pau to lakers years ago... You already stated in previous blogs how you feel about deng, and yea 5 years ago bryant wouldn't come here with out him, but you claim he's washed up and has "capped" pau is still in prime and any team would still pay him 19 mil a year now. no one would offer boozer 12 mil a year. Fuck it why don't we just grab Dwight, Kobe, and Nash for deng, boozer, and captain Kirk? If we are goin to dream up unrealistic fantasy trades lets aim big right?

  • Gasol is 33, out of the rotation not playing the 4th quarter, has tendinitis in his knees, and makes $19 mill/year which straps the Lakers with the new luxury tax rules. Metta has been way below average the last few years. Deng is still young. I'm only banking on them taking Boozer because Gasol is aging and has tendinitis. I realize its a stretch. Its an "opinion" piece.

  • And honestly, Deng would be a great fit in LA where he'd be #3 or #4, which what I've said in previous blogs. I just can't commit to Deng as being the #2 guy behind Derrick Rose. I don't think he's capable of that.

  • This is nonsense. Lakers don't need Boozer nor the Bulls give up Luol Deng for an under achieving Pau Gasol(and his $44M two year contract).

    Right now, Boozer's is more cheaper and productive than Pau Gasol. On top of that, Deng is playing one of his best season. It's laughable to hear the Bulls are giving up both of them for an underachieving Pau Gasol.

  • In reply to zedrix:

    You're right, but there's a few things you need to consider. That is, the fact that the Bulls are on a two year plan anyway. The fact is Gasol, when healthy, is by far the best player in the deal. And, despite the money, he has only 2 years left and you could amnesty after 1. You'd have Ron Artest as the SF for a year and he's not getting paid a lot anyway. If you did that, and you traded Deng, you'd have a lot of money left to get a real #2 superstar player. Luol Deng is not a #2, but ideally you'd have him alongside Rose and another superstar. But, its not a perfect world and salary caps are getting harsher. The Bulls need to do something bold and the player that makes the most sense to deal is Luol Deng based on his relative market value. You either need to get younger or you need to bring in an established superstar. Anything short is going to be a nice, solid team that falls short, and that doesn't sound like something that will keep Derrick Rose happy.

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