Interesting things that happened on November 29th in somewhat recent history

Interesting things that happened on November 29th in somewhat recent history

November 29th, unless its yours or a close family member/friend's birthday, doesn't stand out to us as much of an important day.

By all accounts, its one of hundreds of average work, school, or weekend days on our calendar every year. So I thought it would be interesting to take the time to do a little research and bring you a few interesting things that have happened on this day:

Jeffery Dahmer beaten to death in prison with a broom (1994) This has got to be one of the most celebrated deaths in our lifetime (ooh another story idea!!)

Bill Clinton repealed national speed limit of 55 mph, allowing some states to up theirs. (1995) Thank god! Could you imagine getting a ticket for driving 63 mph on a highway in Nebraska?! Actually, could you imagine going any speed below 85 through Nebraska???

The Zenith PC is announced, which will combine "video AND sound" using microsoft "windows" (1990) What??? What will they think of next?

Ken Horne, the original AIDS patient, dies (although some say it was November 30th) (1980) Hard to believe that AIDS has been around so long.

Article titled "Ruben Studdard 'may' have been hospitalized but made it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner" comes out (2004) Good, I'm glad he was able to make it home in time to take another shot at re-hospitalizing himself.

Nadia Comaneci defects to Hungary. (1989) And eventually to the United States.

Beirut was getting rocked by fighting, forcing whole embassies to flee the city and country. (1985) Crazy that Beirut once had so much fighting. Its all over guys, you can head back now! Wait, what?!

United States eyes "One more shot" at a Middle East peace deal. (2000) And what a quiet past 12 years its been in the Middle East.

Graham Hill, British Race Car driver (who also shares my name), is killed in an airplane disaster. (1975) And let it be known I'm flying NOWHERE on my 46th birthday.








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