Carlos Boozer's Top 5 Highlights of the Season

Carlos Boozer's Top 5 Highlights of the Season

Its early, but not too early to countdown the top 5 highlights of megastar Carlos Boozer, the Chicago Bulls' power forward.


In the opener vs. the Sacramento Kings, Carlos Boozer was fed the ball on the block. He was able to turn, face up, and fadeaway. The jumpshot landed beautifully off the back of the rim into Joakim Noah's hands, who was able to kick it back out and allow the Bulls to run more time off the clock.


Boozer, on 5 occasions, in a home game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, was able to yell "EHHHH!" loud enough to be recorded on the Television microphone. Its well above his average of 3.5 "EHHH"s per game.


Against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Carlos Boozer and OKC PF Serge Ibaka went head to head. Boozer's ability to get fouls called on him, and yell "EHHH" allowed the Bulls to sub in Taj Gibson more frequently, thus keeping the Bulls in the game until they lost.


Carlos Boozer, intent on showing Tom Thibodeau that he was playing defense, crouched so low against the Phoenix Suns that he was able to ball watch through Joakim Noah's legs. His man did eventually get behind him and score a lay-up, but he was in the widest and lowest form of the defensive stance...."EHHHHH"


The old dog taught the young guys on the Portland Trailblazers a thing or two about being overpaid. On one possession, Boozer clapped for the ball in the post, was fed a perfect pass, which he directed off his knee out of bounds, while yelling "EHHH", and then turned and pointed for the Bulls to maintain possession. The refs awarded the ball to the Trailblazers, but the lesson didn't go unnoticed by Lamarcus Aldridge, another aspiring overpaid player.

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