I'm getting pumped for the Chicago Bulls again

I'm getting pumped for the Chicago Bulls again

Remember the offseason?

"Sign Mayo....Damnit! Sign Ray Allen....Damnit! Trade up in the Draft...What the hell?!!"

The end result? Nate Robinson, Vlad Radmanovic, Marco Bellinelli, Marquis Teague, Kirk Hinrich, Marko Jaric, and (drumroll please) Nazr Mohammed!!

Rather than hearing Allen Parson's Project starting lineup music in the background, this cast conjures up the sound of Sarah McClachlan's "Angel", dedicated to showing you pictures of sad pets in need of adoption.

But this Bulls fan is starting to, feebly, adopt the idea already.

Not one of these guys will be on the team for more than 2 years, so that's good. Also, it's exciting to see new faces. Nate Robinson has circus act jumping ability, and has the ability to hit the ball off of the rim from the three-point line (no small feat for a man of his size). Vlad Radmanovic and Marco Bellinelli may add more to Chicago's restaurant scene by opening restaurants in Ukrainian Village and Little Italy, respectively.

As for Hinrich, we finally have a pair of players (Richard Hamilton) that need to wear ugly face gear when they play. And, we get to start saying "Hinrich maneuver" again, by far the best nickname in Chicago sports right now. Hopefully someone starts a 'Smokin' Hinrich' Tumblr.

Marquis Teague is a great addition to the equipment management team.

Marko Jaric justifies you staring at pictures of his hot wife Adriana Lima online.

Which brings us to Nazr Mohammed. We haven't had a presence like him since James Edwards or Robert Parish was 3rd string center in their 20th year of basketball when they joined the Bulls for a vacation. The team is excited to have a veteran that will show them how to make it seem like you're listening while really napping in meetings, and where the best strip clubs are on road trips.

So be excited, Bulls fans! There's so much going on with this team you won't even notice Derrick Rose is gone.


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