Wake up Americans: Mitt Romney is a little lonely right now

Thats right, the impenetrable facade that is Mitt Romney, the bullet proof hair and taught charisma that you've come to be unsure of and often times confused by. Well, it turns out this guy has feelings too.

He's just a little bit lonely right now.

A mormon. A $300 million net worth. Aware of a group of 47% the country that won't even bat an eye in the election at him. The lowest approval rate of any candidate since Pew system was put in place. These are all unique things to any Presidential race in history, and cause for Mitt to be feeling a little ronery, er, lonely right now.

So maybe the next time he says something mean about you and your heritage, or your gender, maybe stop and think a little bit first before you fire back. Lets allow this man to heal a little bit from his loneliness before we are hard on him again.

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  • While I agree with you on the piling on Romney the problem is that he keeps doing it himself by opening up his mouth. Being President or running for the office you are going to be highly scrutinized. You have to know that anything you say will be used against you. Not trying to steal a line but it fits.

  • In reply to Ken Jones:

    Oh, no worries Ken. This is TOTAL satire! Its ironic how truly unique and distant this man is from the rest of the country, yet he continues to plow on and try to give his party the feeling he has a realistic chance. So, the irony is that he's lonely being an elitist

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