Carlos Boozer loses 130 lbs in Offseason Training Program

Carlos Boozer
Carlos Boozer (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Carlos Boozer, the man the Chicago Bulls thought would give them a legitimate chance to reach the NBA finals, brought here via free agency 3 years ago, committed himself to an off-season workout regiment that has trimmed the 6'9" power forward from 260 lbs down to 130 lbs.

Always a force on the block, Carlos Boozer is a relatively undersized power forward, but has always made up for it with incredible size and strength, even though it usually results in a fadeaway Bill Cartwright jumpshot.

But not this year...

The big man was apparently "jealous" of Kevin Durant's ability to play multiple positions in the NBA Finals, handling the basketball in key situations, which Boozer said was mostly due to his "relatively small stature."

So now Gar Forman and John Paxson will be faced with yet another tough question going into this year. Already having gone through the headache of dealing with their superstar, Derrick Rose, undergoing ACL surgery, as well as watching many key signings from a few years ago exit to be replaced by a mish-mash of circus talent and Wendy's drive-thru operators.

With tipoff of the preseason about a month away, the Chicago Bulls will need to start figuring out where they will insert Boozer into their new lineup. One option, suggested by Carlos Boozer, may be to play him at point guard while Derrick Rose continues to rehab. Another option is to keep him on the bench, and try to get him to gain back some of the weight he lost so he can return to his natural position of Power Forward.

Some anonymous sources have said Carlos Boozer looks like "Corey Brewer, if he were skinnier." Another source tweeted "Boozer crapped out a 13 year old this offseason #Bulls #screwed."




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