Illinois squeaks by Wisconsin

Illinois squeaks by Wisconsin

The Huffington Post reports that Illinois will once again squeak out a victory over Wisconsin. The game? Fat.

Thats right, Wisconsin barely tipped the scales over Illinois again, despite a strong play this year to overeat and over drink in the windy city and beyond. Wisconsinites are, on average, .6% fatter (27.7% of Wisconsin residents are obese) than Illinois residents (27.1% of Illinois residents are obese). On a 200 lb person, thats roughly the difference of a single meal, a dripping wet t-shirt, or a fanny pack.

But a wins a win.

And Wisconsin loves celebrating their victories in the face of FIBs. Take the recent string of good fortune the Green Bay Packers, the Wisconsin Badgers, and even the Milwaukee Brewers have had. Any northerner you run across usually has some sort of Packers shirt, jersey, wallet, keychain, or bumper sticker.

Theories abound about how Wisconsinites are able to keep their rotundly figure.

English: Cheesehead Taken by Wonder_al
English: Cheesehead Taken by Wonder_al (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All signs point to cheese. Thats right, I said it. Truly, the only notable dietary difference between Illinois and Wisconsin is the northern state's obsession with curding and frying cheese. Taking cheese out of Wisconsin would be like taking Fried chicken out of the south, burgers out of Texas, and BBQ out of Kansas, which, by the way, the southern states along with Texas and Kansas are all in the top 15 fattest states (with Georgia and Florida as exceptions).

So maybe its time we take a look at our regional culinary symbols and do something about them? Perhaps pride is good in some cases, but not good in the case of your health.

Anyway, don't celebrate too much. Illinois won by the thinnest slice of cheese.



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