Chicagoans demand Obama's Illinois ID card

Chicagoans demand Obama's Illinois ID card
Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Is he a U.S. citizen? Did he really attend Harvard? Is he a Muslim? These are all looming concerns about President Obama that are yet to be answered.

And now, Chicagoans are increasingly upset over the fact that they've never actually seen President Barack Obama's Illinois ID card, one that he would have most certainly needed to reside in Illinois during his years as a community organizer, lawyer, and Senator.

I talked with some people about how they felt when told the news:

Mohammed El Faried, Chicago cab driver: "It is bullcrap. I have to put my license up for all to see, and this guy gets to be President, and with a name like that? Give me a break."

Clara Williams, Northside fast food employee: "Ya'll are crazy. He's been President for 4 years and now you want to see his state ID card? You gonna blood test him to see if he's an alien next?"

Greg Crumb, guy walking down Michigan Ave.: "I guess I never thought of that. I mean, if he really was in Illinois all those years, why haven't we seen his ID yet? Whats he hiding?"

And even if Obama is able to produce a state ID card, it may not matter.

Brandon Tracy, University student: "I mean, you think he can't come up with an ID card, even if he never had one? I'll get him an ID before the end of the day. Maybe he'll legalize marijuana for me."

Mitt Romney recently announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, spurring large donations to the GOP ticket. And, with the GOP convention a mere 2 weeks away, this news could add more fuel to the fire when speakers take the stage.

Being "Anti-American" may be too broad when applied to Obama. He may be "Anti-Illinois".

President Obama has not been reached for comment.



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