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My Life Saver.

While reading this article online, I thought back of how the Life Saver one of my students gave to me on my birthday, has in fact really been a Life Saver to me. I have been going through a lot lately, and there have been many moments in which I had no clue what to... Read more »

My 28-year-old sister passed away 1 year ago.

One year. One whole year. I just can’t believe it. A whole year in which we could have had fun. When I visited her in November of 2017, while she was in the hospital, she told me she was looking forward to a vacation at our place. She talked about chilling in our pool, going... Read more »

It would have been your 29th birthday...

It’s the day before my sister would have turned 29. I’ve been feeling it all day. It’s a feeling I can’t quite describe. I don’t want to go to bed, because if I do, and I wake up, the day is there. It will even be more than halfway gone in the Netherlands. That’s why... Read more »

Why I was very grumpy packing for my long needed vacation.

Why I was very grumpy packing for my long needed vacation.
Preparing for a great trip should bring someone happiness, you would think. Of course there’s always a bit stress too, but that’s how it should be. Somehow going on a trip just doesn’t make me feel happy today. I was very grumpy, and I had no clue why. Until I starting thinking about why going... Read more »

The Old Central Fire Station (1894) - Aurora, Illinois

This beautiful former Fire House, has been on my list of buildings to write an article about, ever since March 2015. I passed this gorgeous building for five years. For some reason, I never made it in there, until it finally all worked out, on Thursday March 8. I really wanted to take my boys... Read more »

Dirkjan, the fictional character I would love to spend time with.

“What fictional character (or characters) would you most like to spend time with and what would you do together?” I love this topic for Blogapalooza night! Ha, that’s an easy one for me. I have always loved the Dutch comic ‘Dirkjan‘. Dirkjan always makes me laugh. The cartoonist (Mark Retera) who draws Dirkjan (and his friend... Read more »

Dutch Moms around the World: Judith from Norway.

This is the final story of my series ‘Dutch Moms around the World’. This story completes a year, with a new story every week. I truly hope you enjoyed all of them. I certainly loved putting them together. I learned something from every story. Sometimes also how I didn’t want to do something. In a few weeks... Read more »

Dutch Moms around the World: Linda from Austria.

This series will give you a peek into the life of Dutch Moms around the World. I will ask them all 10 questions, that will give you a better view on what life as a Dutch Mom abroad is like. The moms will share some pictures and give you some advice in case you would like to... Read more »

Super Bowl for Dummies

This will be our 3rd Super Bowl since we moved here. I still don’t really get what it’s all about. I am still a Super Bowl dummy. Instead of saying I don’t like it, (because I don’t know that much about it) I decided to do some research. The Super Bowl is the annual Championship... Read more »

Anne Frank, a Girl Who Had An Impact On Me

When I was about nine years old, I read the book ‘Het Achterhuis’ (The Back House) – written by Anne Frank. I still remember it, I borrowed it from the library and couldn’t stop reading.When Anne wrote the book, she was older than me reading it. I remember crying because of it, what happened to her... Read more »