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Why I still love teaching, even after the worst start I've ever had.

Since August 9th, I am back at teaching (my own classroom) again. Although it’s been a very bumpy start I love what I do. It’s not anyone’s mistake, I simply got hired very late, because my Dutch teaching license still had to get approved for teaching in the U.S. Because of all this, I missed... Read more »

Why I love being a substitute teacher, for now.

A little while ago, I wrote this blog about my Dutch view on teaching in the US. When I started writing that blog my intention was to compare the job substitute teacher to the job teacher. So that’s what I finally will be doing today. Since last January I have been working as a substitute... Read more »

My Dutch view on teaching in the USA

Substitute teacher, that is what I am since January 13th of 2015. My first day was at an Early Learning Center as a teacher assistent. I had no clue what the term ‘Early Learning Center’ meant, so I just went there, while feeling pretty nervous. Of course I ended up at a house instead of... Read more »