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Shopping for School Supplies - You can do it better than me, read this:

Differences between the Netherlands and America when it comes to school supplies. Last schoolyear was the first schoolyear for my oldest that we had to buy all the school supplies, so I am already a bit used to the terms that are on there. If you move from another country to America, you probably don’t... Read more »

I miss my Dutch job and the easy way I got it - applying for a job here is like HELL!

Today I write a blog for Blogapalooz-Hour. My challenge is to write a blog in one hour. “Write about a person, place or thing that you miss.” I already wrote about my home country that I miss so much, and about my aunt that I still miss, every day! Since about a month or two I... Read more »

I felt very stupid during High School. Now I know I am (probably) Gifted. Read my story!

A lot of Gifted children never learn how to learn properly, because all they get in their curriculum is far too easy. Gifted students understand everything that the teacher tells them so quickly, that they never have to use their memory. As a result the gifted child doesn’t learn how to effectively use their memory. This can... Read more »

Being Gifted is NOT a Gift!!!

Being Gifted means that you have a hard time in this ‘average’ world. When you are Gifted there are still differences between being Gifted and being very Gifted. When you have an IQ that’s higher than 145, you are very Gifted. Look at it like this; ‘average’ people have an IQ of 100. When they have... Read more »

How can a teacher identify a Gifted Child?

This question is very important for the Kindergarten teachers. They are usually the first teachers that will see a child five days a week, for at least forty weeks a year. And a Gifted child can be an underachiever within six weeks! Of course the Pre-K teachers are important too, and it would be even better... Read more »

My View on Gifted Education

       My view on how schools, beginning with Kindergarten often fail when it comes to Gifted children. In an earlier blog ( I already described a bit about my both sons school experciences since we moved to the U.S. I also wrote a blog (  about my youngest son, aged 5, who is in... Read more »

Schoolsystems; the Netherlands and the U.S. Both a big challenge being Gifted.

There is no such thing as pre-K in the Netherlands, but there is ‘peuterspeelzaal‘ where a child can go the day he turns 2. The child usually goes there one morning and one afternoon every week.There are also ‘special peuterspeelzalen‘ where children go to, who need more attention. They usually go 4 half days every week... Read more »