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Traveling enriches you, so why do Americans travel so little?

As you can read here, we moved to America in January of 2013. Since we moved here, we are constantly making plans for our next vacation. I love making plans for a next vacation! Because we don’t know exactly for how long we will be here, we want to see as much as possible while... Read more »

EMRGNCY LOC IN - How I Almost Fell For Telemarketing

Today, and yesterday I got several Phone calls from a number that showed up as ‘EMRGNCY LOC IN’. I usually don’t pick up, if I don’t know the number, because after living for about a year I am already fed up with all these stupid Phone calls we get. But this message, for some reason... Read more »

Memorial Day - Decoration Day or Whatever You Want To Call It

This year was our second Memorial Day since we moved to the States. I thought Memorial Day was all about remembering the men and women who served in the army, untill I saw this Facebook message coming by: “#ThrowbackFact: Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257... Read more »

Things Europeans Have To Know While Shopping In The Chicago Area

Shopping in America is great: It is cheap and there are lots of big (outlet) malls. Parking is free! Everywhere! (In the suburbs) Stores are usually opened from 10 am – 9 pm (Mon-Sat) and 10 am – 7 pm (Sun), Yes: 7 days a week! There are a lot of stores opened 24/7! When you enter... Read more »

Voetbal vs. Soccer - Teamspirit vs. Individualism?

Why do people in America call voetbal / football ‘Soccer‘? And why do they call football ‘football‘? It just doesn’t make sense to me. From what I’ve seen (and that’s not much, I’m sorry) football doesn’t include a lot of feet touching the ball. But if you read the article I placed at the word football,... Read more »

My Favorite Place

I don’t think I have a favorite place. ?????? My favorite place is where my husband, two kids and two dogs are. That’s what I learned after moving from the Netherlands to the Chicago area. When we just moved here, all we had was in the suitcases that we brought with us. After a week or... Read more »

Zumba: Anyone Can Do It!!!

Last Saturday I went to my Zumba class as usual.   Zumba really helped me thru the hardest parts of being an Alien in America! I am glad that I found such a great Zumba place around here too!   But this time it wasn’t ‘as usual’ because there was a different vibe in the air. Three people,... Read more »

I Am Afraid of 'The' American Dentist

Ever since we moved to America, I am afraid to go to  the dentist! I really am. It’s not because of the dental treatments he gives me, but because of all the things he says are wrong inside my mouth. And because of what he wants to charge for all those ‘wrong things’. (And we have... Read more »

What's the dress code in America?

How do I know what to wear around here? I still don’t get it after living here for more then a year!It seems like I am always underdressed or overdressed… Last year I went to the Mother and Son Game Night at my son’s school. I wore jeans and a simple top. The other moms... Read more »

Being Gifted is NOT a Gift!!!

Being Gifted means that you have a hard time in this ‘average’ world. When you are Gifted there are still differences between being Gifted and being very Gifted. When you have an IQ that’s higher than 145, you are very Gifted. Look at it like this; ‘average’ people have an IQ of 100. When they have... Read more »