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My Life Saver.

While reading this article online, I thought back of how the Life Saver one of my students gave to me on my birthday, has in fact really been a Life Saver to me. I have been going through a lot lately, and there have been many moments in which I had no clue what to... Read more »

Turning 38

Turning 38
I turned 38 this week. 38. I still remember my mom being 38, because that’s when she gave birth to my sister. I still remember thinking that my mom was very old at 38. When I look at myself at 38, I don’t think I am old. I do hope to get old one day.... Read more »

My 28-year-old sister passed away 1 year ago.

One year. One whole year. I just can’t believe it. A whole year in which we could have had fun. When I visited her in November of 2017, while she was in the hospital, she told me she was looking forward to a vacation at our place. She talked about chilling in our pool, going... Read more »