Road Trip from Seattle to San Diego ~ part 2a: On our way to San Francisco.

This summer, we made a gorgeous, unforgettable trip with our family of four. We took two airplanes, several cars (including Ubers) and an RV to get from Seattle to San Diego. We've seen and done amazing things.


Views on the way to Bay Center / Willapa Bay KOA.

I'll describe our trip day by day, while highlighting important cities, lovely campgrounds, cool landmarks, great restaurants and of course fun things to do with kids. My boys are 8 and 12 and they are used to traveling long distances. Flying from Chicago to Seattle was very short, compared to the annual trip we make from Chicago to the Netherlands.

Of course I'll show you what it all looked like, because I am a relentless (hobby) photographer. I sometimes make my family crazy with my pics. Ha!

This part is about driving to San Francisco. How did we get there? What did we see on our way? Where did we stay? What did we rent? And how did we like all of it?

As you've probably read in my previous blog about this Road Trip, we brought our rental car back and picked up an RV from Road Bear RV in Seattle. The RV was great, you can read everything about that here.

Since we'd been in Seattle in the morning, we decided not to drive too far after all of that. We booked an RV spot at our first KOA of this trip: Bay Center / Willapa Bay KOA.  It was about a 2,5 hour drive there.  This KOA was great: very close to the beach, nice playground for the kids and the kids loved the 'candy hunt' while it was getting dark. Our spot was very large and we had a lot of privacy. Nice staff too!


Our spot at the KOA.

We have a KOA membership, it costs $30 a year and it saves us 10% on every stay at a KOA. We also earn points, that we can use to pay for a stay later on. I highly recommend it if you use it as often as we do (we have the VIP status, which means we save points even quicker).


The beach on short walking distance from the KOA

The next day we drove to Oregon Dunes KOA. I recommend stopping at Cannon Beach. What a stunning beach! It is rated as one of the 21 best beaches in the world, by National Geographic. I totally get that, the 235 foot sea stack, called ' Haystock Rock' is one of the tallest intertidal sea stacks in the world.

Cannon Beach, with Haystack Rock.

Cannon Beach, with Haystack Rock.

The gorgeous view from

The gorgeous view from the Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge.

We had lunch at the Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge. I highly recommend this restaurant: the food was very fresh and simply delicious, the view was beautiful and the staff very friendly. It was close to the beach as well.

The drive from Bay Center to North Bend took us about 6 hours. It was a magnificent route, via Highway 101 South.

On our way from Bay Center to North Bend.

On our way from Bay Center to North Bend.

We weren't really impressed by the Oregon Dunes KOA. Of course we arrived pretty late, but it seemed as if everyone on that campground owned a ATV Dune Buggy. We didn't really look into that, when we booked this campground on the way. There were a lot of people, especially kids driving the ATV's, decorated with all kinds of colors lamps. It wasn't very noisy, but there was a lot of sand and I would definitely not recommend this KOA if you love your space and quiet around you. For one night it was fine for us.

After we arrived, and found out about the ATV's, we looked into renting one, but when we found out how expensive it was ($199 for a 4 seater for 1 hour and that didn't even include insurance, gas, etc.), we decided not to do it. We also read a lot of bad reviews about the company renting them out. We decided to just skip renting one (the boys didn't really agree with us).

The next day we drove to Redcrest, California.

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