10 reasons why Road Bear RV is WAY better than Cruise America.

This summer we had the honor of renting an RV from Road Bear RV. It might sound as a bit too much, the word 'honor' but I really feel it that way. We've rented three times from Cruise America and our last vacation with them ended in one big disaster. After that horrendous experience, I swore I would never ever rent an RV from them again.

Our Road Bear RV. We loved the slide out and the canopy.

Our Road Bear RV. We loved the slide out and the canopy.

If I look back at the other two vacations we had with a Cruise America RV, I see a lot of negatives too, compared to the vacation we had with our Road Bear RV this summer. I'll explain to you why.

  1. 1. When we decided very last minute we did want to travel by RV this summer, we still had the opportunity to rent an RV with Road Bear RV. We never expected that it would still work out, but it did!
  2. 2. The costumer service of Road Bear RV was very helpful online, when we had some questions and wanted to change some of the services they provided (like adding WIFI or not, adding a convenience kit or not, etc.)
  3. When we arrived at the rental pick up spot in Seattle, they helped us immediately, no waiting at all. There was no stupid video we had to watch, the very nice lady that helped us, gave us a hands on explanation of everything we needed to know. It felt way more personal, not as if after watching the video (at Cruise America that is), they wanted you to be gone ASAP, so they could earn more money. The whole facility was way cleaner than what we have seen at Cruise America pick up and drop off locations.
  4. The RV we rented was comparable in price (even a bit cheaper than Cruise America) and was way better in a lot of ways: there was a special click system with a net that made sure our boys would not fall out of the bed; stairs that the kids could use to climb into the bed, instead of them trying to get out via the couch underneath like they had to with Cruise America; there was a tv with DVD player on board (great during the driving, to entertain the kids!); the RV we rented had a slide out, which made it way more spacious (you don't always get this, that's why they don't mention it when you make reservations, we were lucky!); we got free chairs to take with us; there was a canopy (luifel, not sure if this is the right translation) that we used very often; overall everything was more luxurious: the beds, the couches, the bathroom, just the whole interior.
  5. They speak more than one language. The man that helped a couple next to us, was speaking to them in their own language (German). I can imagine that was very helpful to them.
  6. The paperwork we had to fill out was very clear. Not a lot of tiny letters as at Cruise America.
  7. They have one-way specials. That means you don't have to pay extra because you are dropping the RV off at another location. Cruise America wanted us to pay $600 when we, because of the death of my father-in-law, wanted to bring our RV to another location. This probably has to do with Cruise America being a franchise company and as far as I know, Road Bear RV is not.
  8. They have the newest fleet, all models are 2017/2018, and that is very important. It's not just the comfort, it's also the safety that comes with it.
  9. You don't have to clean the RV inside and out, as we had to for Cruise America. Of course we did sweep the RV and I took some cleaning wipes to clean the table tops etc. No cleaning of the outside necessary though, which is way more travel friendly, because who wants to spend their vacation cleaning? (Yes, we even did that, while my father-in-law passed away, after driving for 3 days in a row, while being very emotional).
  10. When returning the vehicle, it didn't take a lot of time. The lady in Las Vegas was again very kind. She listened, and knew we wanted to continue our trip. There were no extra charges (we included 1500 miles). My husband was back at our car, before I knew it. Even the kids said: 'Wow, dad, that was quick! That was very different at Cruise America!'

So, if you are thinking about renting an RV for your vacation, please do so at Road Bear RV. They are the best, and I was very anxious because of our last very bad experience with Cruise America.

Unfortunately they don't have a Chicago location yet, hopefully that will happen very soon, so we can start renting from 'home' as well. I am certain that they will grow and become bigger than the other RV companies, because they know what real costumer service is all about, at a great price too!

You can read everything about our trip on my blog. This is just an extra information part that I thought should be added too.

Traveling with an RV is just so wonderful!

Traveling with an RV is just so wonderful!

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