Roadtrip Chicago - Mount Rushmore - Crazy Horse - Badlands - Yellowstone - Grand Teton - Snake River - Rocky Mountains - Chicago

We went on a road trip this summer. We rented an RV ( and scheduled our trip from KOA (see to KOA.

We drove 3485 miles with the RV and abt. 300 miles with the car we rented in West Yellowstone. (  Our vacation lasted 16 days.

This was the best vacation ever! We have seen so many beautiful things while on the road! The kids were sitting in the RV with a table in front of them, so they could do whatever they wanted. Well, almost everything. This was the first time they really enjoyed themselves while driving. There was no need to grumble at all.

Traveling by RV is the most convenient way, while you are on a road trip. We (or actually my husband) just parked the RV, plugged in the electricity, the water and connected the sewer. And that was it. We had airco, a three burner stove, a refrigarator, small freezer and a microwave (which we used as storage). The bed of the children we could just leave the way it was and for our bed (the one up in the air) we just had to put one bedboard in place. Next year, if we go again, we will put the kids in this bed. We didn't dare to now, because our youngest is 5 and has to use the restroom sometimes during the night. And by the way, our bed was pretty cozy too.

The RV wasn't driving very efficiently (1-8,5) and the fuel costed us about $1500. The RV rent was about $4000. So, it isn't cheap, but it sure is an adventure! If you are living in the States and plan on going more often, I think buying one is a better idea.

This road trip made me realize that you don't need much when you are with the people you love most. I could have driven for a few years, it was so much fun!



This was the first vacation on which we really regretted coming home again.

We hope we can make a road trip with an RV next summer vacation again!

I will be writing a few more blogs about all the beautiful sites we have seen during our road trip.


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