A Love Letter To My Homeland: Nederland Ik Hou Van Jou

My Sweet Holland,

I love you so much, you tiny little country that I call my homeland.

I love riding my bike on all the bicycle paths that you have.

I love all the crazy snacks that I can eat while being with you.

I love your 'gezelligheid' that I sometimes find here too, if I look really hard.

I love the people that live there, because a lot of them are just as blunt as I am.

I love all the water that surrounds you, especially the sea.


I love all the terraces that suddenly appear when summer is near.

Terraces - Terrasjes Kras.nl

Terraces - Terrasjes

I love being able to walk to a grocery store in only five minutes and buying fresh bread (without sugar), fruit, cheese and vegetables for a small price.

I love leaving my car at home and still being able to do lots of things.

I love putting my clothes outside on my own drying mill (No clue how you guys call it here, I've never seen one here).

droogmolen woonwel.nl


I love all the flowers that are on your land and the fact that you can actually buy a beautifully made bouquet for almost nothing.


I love the old history that belongs to you and the old buildings that represent that.

Kasteel De Haar - Historiek.net

Kasteel De Haar
- Historiek.net

Kasteel de Haar  - welverdiendgenieten.nl

Kasteel de Haar
- welverdiendgenieten.nl

I love the famous artists that are representing you; such as: van Gogh, van Rijn, Mondriaan and Appel.

I love the famous writers that wrote their books after being born on your grounds; such as: Couperus, Bomans, Wolkers, Japin, Grunberg, Verhoef, Van de Vlugt and Noort.

I love the Dutch cows and windmills that you see anywhere while riding your bike.


I love the fact that almost everything is really good regulated by the government; such as: good health insurance, good education for everyone, jobs with contracts and the fact that a lot of people are still whining about it.

I love the fact that people kiss each other three times instead of hugging each other.

I love the silliness that comes back every time there is a big skate or soccer event.

I love the down to earth way people look at life and theirselves and the honesty they speak about it.

Dutch Honesty - Nedermeme.nl

Dutch Honesty
- Nedermeme.nl

The truth - Visionair.nl

The truth
- Visionair.nl

I love it that the people learn their history and look further than their own country.

I love it that the people speak a lot of different languages and are pretty good at them too.

Dutch? ABN? - Standaard.be

Dutch? ABN?
- Standaard.be

I love it that I can make stupid jokes, even very dirty ones to almost everyone.

I love it that I can speak openly about (not going to) church, gay people, abortion, sex, drugs and euthanasia.

Nederland ik hou van jou en in mijn hart blijf ik je altijd trouw!

Veel liefs,




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  • A lovely tribute.

  • In reply to Kerri K. Morris:

    Thank you Kerri!

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