You Can Help Bloggers

We as bloggers do it because of the passion we have for the topic we blog about. Some of the better known bloggers get compensated, but I assure you, most do not. They do it for the shear passion and self gratification it brings us. We do it because we have something we think our reader is going to appreciate or find useful. So we share it. Freely. Without expectation. It isn't easy to put yourself out there in front of the world, on stage, sharing your deepest thoughts.

How You Can Show Your Support

You've found my blog. I hope enjoy reading it. Sign up for email updates so you don't miss another installment. Leave comments on the blog post, it helps to keep my blog going. Public comments and email subscriptions help not only my blog, but all blogs you read to become more noticed. A bloggers trophy so to speak. I do not know one blogger in the world who doesn't want their content going viral. Only you can do that for them. By spreading their word if you like what you've read. Hitting the like button on FaceBook, or visiting their Fan Page if they have one, all helps a blogger get noticed. Sharing their content on Twitter or whatever social platform you use helps them tremendously in taking their blog to the next plateau. I implore you. If you find a blog you like, sign up for email updates and contribute to the public comments section on the blog post itself. Share their content with your Twitter followers and your Facebook fans. Help your favorite blogger get the conversation rolling. Only you can do that for them.

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Tony - The Head Duffer