Duffer's Digest brings you Chicago Golf Courses at their finest (or maybe not). Depending on the course. I'm going to give you my unbiased opinion of the course, the club house, the facilities and the staff. I'll give you my opinion on equipment and help you to make an informed decision when you go to buy that new set of clubs that are going to lower your handicap. I do some traveling in the winter months so I will also be reviewing some courses out of state if your so inclined to play them. I intend to write some stories and opinions of my own that you might find to be good reading, helpful or funny.

Drop me an email if there is a course you would like to have reviewed, just say hello, or want to share your thoughts on what I can do to improve Duffer's Digest. I'm creating this blog for you, the Chicago golfer so you don't have to play the courses you think are good and turn out to be a waste of money.

Who is Tony Carbon

I was fortunate enough to be born into a golfing family. Mom golfs at her youthful age of 86. Two leagues a week I might add. Dad (affectionately known as pop) loved the game so much a day shared with him most of the time turned into a 36 hole marathon. I miss playing with him and his companionship.

I'm not a scratch golfer. My handicap is a 19, but that has nothing to do with the information I'm going to provide you with. This is not, nor is it intended to be an instructional blog. It's about the courses I play, the property it sits on and the staff that runs it. Sit back, light a cigar, have a glass of your favorite grapes and enjoy my blog.

Please Note

I do not accept cash, free greens fee's nor any other compensation for the golf courses I play and review. My opinions are mine and unbiased. I do not receive free merchandise nor any compensation for the equipment I review. Again, my opinion and unbiased. If I reviewed it I bought it with my own money. It was not given to me nor loaned to me for the purpose of the review.