Making Memories On Florida's West Coast

Making Memories On Florida's West Coast

This isn't so much a post about golf course reviews as it is about friendship on the golf course. The two courses I played here on Florida's West Coast were fun and challenging, but how many of my readers would play them?

I've had the privilege the last few days to spend some time with an old friend down in St. Petersburg Florida. Tom and I have known one another for the better part of 40 years. My friend John, Tom's brother, came up from Ft. Myers and our other friend Bob that lives in Chicago near me drove down for a much needed reunion.

Tom and I played golf a couple of days and relived our youth through memories. Laughing and recounting stories from a day gone by. Some stories clouded by faded memories. Some just clouded.

It's the rounds like this that I can't help but cherish most as I enjoy time with an old and trusted friend. Talking about a simpler time and, creating new memories. Gone are the days of cursing and swearing on a mishit shot only to be replaced with the laughter of two middle aged men complaining of stiff backs and the shot that could of been.

As we chase golfballs down the fairways in covered carts smoking cigars. My mind plays tricks with me, leading me to think that 30 years have not got behind me. That this is my friend Tom and we're off for summer break from school. That same belly laugh from years ago I oh so remember.

Time may have gotten in our way. But Tom and I chatter and laugh like we still have a lifetime of memories to make. Like it's the forging of a new friendship instead of two old pals seeing each other in more than a year.

Our conversations have moved from, "who are we playing against tonight?" or "wow! did you see the legs on that one!" To, "What kind of blood pressure medication does the Doctor have you on?" Funny how times change along with the conversation.

My time has come to a close here in St. Petersburg and it's time for me to start the long drive home. I'll bid my friend Tom a farewell and think about how our friendship has evolved over the years. My mind will revert back to our walk through Ybor City and the conversation about retirement that Bob, Tom and I plan to enjoy. Memories I wouldn't change for all the free golf in the world.


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