Carriage Greens - Course Review

Carriage Greens - Course Review

Sunday I had the decision to play golf, or watch the Ryder Cup. With the outcome of the Ryder Cup I'm glad I played golf. I'm sure I would of sat in my favorite chair and yelled expletives at the television while my dog shook in the corner thinking it was directed at her.

So my decision to play Carriage Greens was the right choice. Not only did we get a decent day to play golf. I met two new golfing buddies. Now I have two new people that can view me play golf through the tree's.  And I was in the trees all day. Thanks for your patience Pat, Mark and Raz!

Carriage Greens is located right off of I55 and route83 in Darien Il. They have a fantastic restaurant called the SandTrap Grill. It's not what the name implies. They have A1 food. Not just burgers and pub fare. I've had many dinners here and the service and food are top-notch. They have banquet facilities to host any kind of wedding or event you may have. Recently they've added a lounge named the 8700 Club featuring live entertainment with a circular bar.

Carriage Greens sits in its own little community. The golf course is surrounded with homes up and down many of the fairways that is accessible from only one entrance. The homes are in more of the upscale price range with built-in pools on many of them. When this community and golf course were built, I'd be willing to say it had to be one of the finest in the area at the time.

Now For the Good Stuff. The course.

Carriage Greens has a no-frills pro shop. There are no cloths racks loaded with shirts, wind shirts, sweaters or hats. The only choice your going to have are tees, balls and bag towels with the Carriage Greens logo. Mon - Fri is $39 with a riding cart and Sat, Sun and Holidays is $59. Very reasonable fees.

Carriage Greens is not an easy course by any stretch of the imagination. Don't let its slope of 122 lull you into a false sense of security.  With mature, tree lined fairways that are tight, you'll have to navigate doglegs that can wreak havoc even with the straightest of drives. You might want to think twice pulling driver out of the bag on some holes when a power fade or low draw may be the better shot. Unsuspecting gullies and ravines will intersect with your fairway most of the day. Most of the water is going to be found on the back nine, and not with an over-abundance at that. Trouble here is mature trees and tight fairways. I can usually decipher the harder nine, but here the holes get harder as you go. Both nines be equally challenging. Not the hardest greens in the area to putt, but hitting to them will be well guarded with sand bunkers. Slow and bumpy was my experience this day.

The fairways had quite a bit of dead patches and dry spots. Visually you can tell the course suffers from some neglect. In some spots fairway and rough seemed to to embrace each other neglectfully. Today was a visually appealing day with the changing of the leaves, but some much needed TLC is needed to get the course in proper shape.

All-in-all the course is a fun track to play and it just needs a few cosmetics to be an outstanding piece of property.

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