Naperbrook Golf Course

Naperbrook Golf Course
Earl and The Head Duffer

Naperbrook Golf Course is located in Plainfield. At the crossroads of Naperville/Plainfield Rd. and Boughton Rd. sits a very well kept and a very reasonably priced 18 hole golf course.

The only drawback I could come up with here at this course was that the chipping green, putting green and driving range were all on-top of one another. Such a minor thing that doesn't even matter to most golfers. But I honestly had a hard time finding a negative with this piece of property.

As you know from some of my past posts, I love an open layout. I'm not a fan of walking off one hole and right across the cart path is the next tee like you get at many area golf courses. Not only is aesthetically unappealing, but it slows the pace of play. Well Naperbrook didn't disappoint in this category. All holes were spread out and helped to keep the pace of play moving along at a nice clip. There was no waiting except on a couple of the par 3s. And the course was pretty crowded.

I didn't get my usual hotdog after the turn, or a chance to eat in the restaurant, so I can't comment on the food. But the service in the clubhouse during check-in was friendly and courteous. The starter at the first tee was very accommodating at getting us out before our scheduled tee time to avoid getting caught behind two groups of foursomes that were ahead of us.

As for the golf course itself. It's pretty much caught between a links style course and your average tree lined course. Why do I say caught between? Because the rough is thick when you miss the fairway indicative of a links course,  but the trees are limited.  The trees that are on the course need to grow in and it's going to be one tough track. On most holes the tall praire grass is going to play hide-and-go-seek with your ball if your not accurate. Water comes into play on 12 of the 18 holes so make your shots count. A pull or a push on an arrant tee shot, or a pulled second or third shot will end up wet. The fairways and greens were in fantastic shape with the usual divots in the fairways and ball marks on the greens, but not an overabundance of either. Overall the course is very well maintained and kept. The lush green turf was a pleasure to see after all the dead and dry spots I've encountered on other courses all summer long. Kevin Carlson (course superintendent) and his crew do a wonderful job. These were the hardest greens I've putted all summer long both in speed and contour. Not only were there dips and breaks, but there were plateaus with 3 and 4 foot elevation changes to read and deal with. Pin placement was as difficult here as any course I've played. A true challenge for all golfing skill levels.

If you haven't discovered Naperbrook Golf Course in Plainfield, you need to come and play here. You'll enjoy it as much as I did I promise you.

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