Fall Approaches And Another Golf Season Ends

Fall Approaches And Another Golf Season Ends

As fall approaches and another golf season ends. As we move closer to shorter days and longer nights. Lets stop and be grateful for the opportunities we've had this year. We should all take time to appreciate the opportunities to participate in our chosen extracurriculars. Whether it be golf, biking, fishing on a warm summers day, we have to be grateful that we even had the chance to participate in these activities to begin with.

In the word that we live in now, most of our chosen hobbies are a luxury, not a right. As families continue to struggle to make ends meet, we went to the golf course, or our favorite fishing hole and didn't give much thought about the stuggles others less fortunate than us endure on a day-to-day basis.

When we shop at our favorite store to buy that dozen golfballs, or the latest and greatest fishing lure, we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. That we even have the chance to do what we enjoyed. Most folks in the world haven't done what they enjoyed in a very long time. Their doing what they have to do just to make it another day.

As the golf courses become less crowded. As our lakes have fewer boats and the prairie paths have fewer bikes. Stop and give thanks that your even there to enjoy the day.

When your in your favorite store stocking up on next years equipment. Take a minute to look around you in the checkout lane. When you see the little girl with the dirty face and tattered cloths, or the mother with the worried look on her face. Or the father telling his son we can't afford that toy truck, be humbled your there to buy what you want and not what you need.

If I can borrow a phrase from a friend of mine that writes on another blog. "I truly am a grateful golfer".


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    Great post Tony! It really struck a chord with me. Thanks!

  • In reply to Bill Rogers:

    Your welcome Bill. Sometimes we go through life and forget how lucky we really are sometimes.

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