My Buddy Bob: A New Golfer Will Hit The Links

My Buddy Bob: A New Golfer Will Hit The Links

I've been friends with my buddy Bob for 40 years. We went to grammar and high schools together. We played on the same little league team and hockey team. Bob is one of my oldest and dearest friends and to know him is to love him. Now on to why all this is relevant.

Bob and I where "athletes" growing up. We played baseball, hockey, basketball and any other sport growing up as kids in the western suburbs. Fast pitch baseball with a rubber ball was always our go-to game in the summer. Hockey at Bulgar Park in the winter was an everyday occurrence. The only thing I couldn't get Bob to play was golf.

In October I'm going to Tampa Bay to see a couple of friends Bob and I grew up with and too play some golf. I picked up the phone and called Bob to see if he was interested in going just for the visit. He expressed an interest in going so we made our plans. "Now Bob, you realize Tom and I are going to play golf the three days we are there right"? Bob's reply is classic. "I'll drive the cart and drink beer". Typical Bob reply. I love this guy!

Two weeks ago Bob calls me and tells me he wants to learn to play golf so he can participate in the fun. I was floored! Bob isn't into golf like the rest of us. For years we tried to get him to play. My excitement grew as I thought about Bob learning the game of golf. Off to the range we went. Teaching my buddy (whom now I consider my brother) to swing the club and hit a golf ball. I can't help but think that if he finally likes this game, it's something else we can share into our old age. Two old friends, driving along in a golf cart, talking old times and enjoying the camaraderie we have had for so long. Just another link to my friend that can be laughed about when we are in the old folks home together.

My Wish For Bob and Andy

Bob. I hope you'll finally fall in love with this game as much as I have. Your son is "into" it now and I know that's the main reason for your interest. I just want you to know that I hope you and Andy find a common ground playing this wonderful game. It was something that my dad and I loved to do and I hope you find the joy in it that I found playing with my dad. It's something you and Andy can do together, to strengthen the bond you already have with him. Golf isn't just a game. It's a way of life. It builds relationships. Meaningful relationships. It builds memories between a father and a son. Memories Andy will have and think about for the rest of his life. Don't give up my friend. Learn the game for him.

I get tickled pink when someone new gets introduced to the game I love. It thrills me even more if it's someone I know and I can continue to play with well into the future. Well now there are two people that have been introduced to the game and even more awesome is the fact that they are father and son and my personal friends.


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    It is never too late to learn to golf! I think we all have a Bob in our lives. Your trip will be as memorable as Alpine Valley.

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    I know it will be Tom! Can't wait to see you guys again! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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