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I'm Surprised at How Not Scary the New It Movie Is

I first discovered that some people are scared of clowns when I was about five or six years old. It was the mid 1980s, and I was in the basement with my two older sisters, and sitting in the corner, on the basement floor, sat a clown doll. It had very long arms and legs... Read more »

I Support Kids Protesting Against Adult Inaction on Gun Violence Laws

Across the country today thousands (millions?) of kids will walk out of school in protest of gun violence in the United States. Despite the narcissistic, delusional exhortations spewed by a certain “leader” of this country, these children are really the people who have a chance to make America great again. A month ago seventeen people... Read more »

Unsubscribing From E-mail Lists is So Much Fun

How long after someone invented e-mail did someone else invent junk e-mail? I bet there was like a five-minute lag time. I would have loved to have used e-mail during those glorious few minutes. It must have been so exciting, and non-frustrating. I’m sure it was like the universe in the immediate aftermath of the... Read more »

Watching Kids Learn to Play Music Humbles and Impresses Me

Around this time two years ago, my then-fifth grade son told us that he wanted to play an instrument in sixth grade. Few things he could have said at that moment would have surprised me more since he’d never expressed an interest in playing an instrument, nor did he seem to have much interest in... Read more »

PB&J and Other Things I'd Rather Not Do Without

Long-time readers of this blog will remember that a few years ago I decided that 2015 would be my Year of Doing Without. I planned to give up one thing per month, and then write about my experience of giving up that thing at the end of the month. One month I became a vegan.... Read more »