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My Kids Have a Plan to Protect Their Candy From Me

It’s Halloween and my kids prepared. They had their costumes, they did a trunk-or-treat run a couple of days earlier to practice for the big night, and the pumpkins were carved. But more than that they had a plan in place to combat the candy thievery they experienced last year. In case you missed it,... Read more »

My Sense of Humor Has Evolved Over the Years

A little over four years ago I read a New York Times article about Jack Handey, who until that moment I had assumed was a fictional character. Turns out that the Deep Thoughts that used to appear on Saturday Night Live were written by a real guy, and his real name is Jack Handey. At... Read more »

I Beat a Chicago Parking Ticket Because They Cited the Wrong Law Seven Months After It Was Changed

First things first: I knew my license plates were expired. I live in Indiana, and people whose last name begins with B must renew their license plates in February in Indiana. Mine expire every year on the 21st of February. So by the time June came around, I had no excuse for not having renewed... Read more »

Did Dottie Hinson Drop the Ball on Purpose in A League of Their Own?

A few weeks back I realized that I’ve been remiss in a basic fatherhood duty: I haven’t introduced my kids to the great baseball movies. Over the summer we did watch The Bad News Bears, about which I’ve already written. But there are plenty of other gems in the baseball film canon. So this offseason... Read more »

The 8 Best Things About the Cubs Losing in the Playoffs

Well, it turns out that I am not the center of the Cubs universe. Despite my positive attitude, gut feelings, and attempts to sway fate by sitting in the spot on the same couch as last postseason, the Cubs season has ended without a World Series championship. It sucks. I think it does suck a... Read more »

I'm Learning to Hate the Dodgers

I tried not to hate. Really, I did. I made it through five games of the NLDS against the Nationals and managed not to hate them. I think part of that had to do with the fact that I still think of the Nationals as the Expos, and no one ever hated the Expos. (Except... Read more »

Why You Should Care About the Gerrymandering Case in Front of the Supreme Court

In recent years we’ve been stuck with so much dysfunction between Congress and the president, and within Congress itself that it’s easy to forget that one part of government still functions as designed. Whether you agree or disagree with their decisions, at least the Supreme Court works. Every year they hear a number of cases,... Read more »

Seeing Pictures of Mass Shooting Victims Would Force Our Leaders to Act

When a mass shooting happens in this country there are a variety of responses. Many of them are predictable. If you’re reading this you probably know what they are, so I don’t have to run through them. Many people get upset and demand change. The people we have elected to run our country then choose... Read more »

Let's Stop Pretending We're Going to Do Something about Gun Violence in this Country

We won’t do anything. Let’s not pretend like we will. Thousands of people went to a country music concert and because some mad man had a small arsenal in his hotel room, more than 50 of those people are dead, 400 are injured. We all feel horrible. Is there any other way to feel when... Read more »