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How I Decided Against a Career in Politics

It always seems crazy to me that we expect kids to choose what they want to do for the rest of their lives right after they finish high school. Most kids haven’t had enough life experience to know who they are, yet we assume that they know enough about themselves and the world to commit... Read more »

NBC's Alex Jones Interview Should Air With This Disclaimer

Megyn Kelly left Fox News—that den of “Fair and Balanced” reporting that has recently pushed disproven stories such as the Seth Rich murder conspiracy, and the idea that Barack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump’s office—for greener pastures at NBC. Unfortunately, Ms. Kelly’s move does not seem to have given her the ability to distill fact from... Read more »

Bad News Bears is the Perfect Movie for Little League Kids and Parents

I’m currently managing my tenth Little League team. We’re 1-10 this year, and we had one game that ended in a tie. Those ten losses are a bit deceiving. We’ve lost a couple of games by one run, and played a couple of more where we mounted a comeback at the end. We’re not as... Read more »

Idiotic GOP Likely to Call for More Guns After Congressman Scalise is Shot at Baseball Practice

As the House Majority Whip—part of the leadership of the Republican party in the U.S. House of Representatives (the third highest-ranking Republican, in fact)—Steve Scalise has a round-the-clock Capitol Police detail. “Good guys with guns” are available to protect him every minute of his life. Yet when a gunman opened fire on a Congressional Republican... Read more »