Trump's Recount Objection is Consistent with his Disdain for Facts

I’m glad that Twitter was invented before Donald Trump became president. Otherwise we’d have a much more difficult time figuring out that he’s a lunatic. Conservatives who don’t trust the “mainstream media” frequently mention how their candidates’ views and opinions are distorted by organizations with a liberal bias.

But Twitter—and Donald Trump’s seemingly complete lack of self-control—permit us to get this nonsense straight from the horse’s mouth.

Such is the case with Trump’s Twitter tantrum on Sunday regarding the recount in Wisconsin. Trump won Wisconsin by less than 1%. Although it’s unlikely that a recount of votes will change the outcome, the margin is so close that a recount makes sense. In fact, there are three states—Nebraska, South Carolina and Wyoming—along with the District of Columbia, in which state law provides for an automatic recount if the margin of victory is 1% or less.

But instead of acknowledging that the Wisconsin recount request is within the bounds of reason, Trump decided to login to that bastion of unreason, Twitter, to spew nonsensical lies.

To avoid being lumped into the irresponsible liberal mainstream media, I won’t edit Trump’s tweet: “The Democrats, when they thought they were going to win, asked that the election night tabulation be accepted. Not so anymore!”

Is Trump insinuating that a recount of votes in a state won by less than 1% is the same as his statement prior to the election that he would refuse to accept the results if he thought the election were rigged?

In fact, if we go back to Trump’s Twitter account, we’ll find the following on October 16: “The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary—but also at many polling places—SAD.”

So Trump can take to Twitter and peddle outrageously idiotic theories, and object to events that haven’t even happened yet, but Democrats can’t ask for a second look at ballots that have already been cast, just to be sure no mistakes were made?

That fact that Trump doesn’t understand the nuance between those two positions only provides yet another reason we should worry that he’s the person in charge of U.S. diplomacy and the U.S. military.

But an even greater danger for the country and the world is his complete inability to tell fact from fiction.

Later in his Tweetstorm, the president-elect unleashed this idiocy: “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

Now, setting aside the fact that he appears to not understand the meaning of the word landslide (in the past 10 presidential elections, only twice—Bush in 2000 and 2004—has the winning candidate received fewer electoral votes than his 306) it’s unbelievably scary that he actually believes millions of people voted illegally.

I suspect his claim comes from—a website that believes that the Sandy Hook shootings didn’t actually happen, and that the government has planes that spray chemicals in the atmosphere to control our thinking. These are the people our president-elect listens to. (Another example: Trump’s Senior Counselor, Steve Bannon, once claimed that Tim Kaine had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.)

Facts appear not to matter in Trump’s world.

But in the real world, facts do matter. So Trump should know that there’s no basis for the claim that millions of people voted illegally. If Trump wants to be an idiot in his own world, that’s fine. But he’s going to be president of the United States, and when you’re president, being an idiot is dangerous.

I would think that conservatives would embrace the Wisconsin recount. After all, for the past fifteen years they’ve been telling us that we shouldn’t worry about government wiretaps, or stop-and-frisk policies, or wrongful convictions because if we’re not doing anything wrong we don’t have anything to worry about.

Does that not apply to voting recounts? Shouldn’t they welcome a closer examination of the votes? If Trump has already won, which they believe happened because so many voters came out to support him, then shouldn’t they embrace a recount of the votes to further vindicate his election?

Trump won't embrace the recount, because the recount will bring us closer to the true voting tallies. And as he has shown time after time, Donald Trump doesn't give a shit about the truth.

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