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Without Gratitude Do We Have Anything?

We’ve made it to the end of November, but before we closeout the month, I wanted to mention that November is National Gratitude Month. I haven’t written much about gratitude on this blog during November, despite writing everyday. However, a fellow ChicagoNow blogger, You Know Neen, devoted the entire month to gratitude. Every single day... Read more »

The Myth of the American Dream

I try not to be too pessimistic in this blog. No one likes to read a bunch of downer ideas. There’s a reason everyone hated the Debbie Downer character on Saturday Night Live. I’m an optimistic person by nature, so most of the time it’s easy to write optimistically. Even when I’m writing about a... Read more »

A Great Meal Requires More Than Great Food

I like to eat. Some quick math reveals that I’ve eaten just over 42,000 meals in my life. Although that’s assuming three meals a day, and, as I said, I like to eat, so let’s just call it 43,000. That’s a lot of meals. Probably a few tons of food, and literally hundreds of different... Read more »

What if Trump Arrests You for Having a Handgun?

At times lately it has seemed that we have begun living in an alternate universe. A third-rate shyster businessman most famous for reality television is going to be president, polling doesn’t work, and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. None of these things make sense in the universe we’re used to. So, perhaps, we’ve... Read more »

The Year That I Played Santa Claus at Kmart

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the nation’s attention turns toward Christmas. After having devoured countless big, fat birds this past weekend, we start thinking about what the big, fat man is going to bring us. Thinking about wish lists and buying gifts reminded me of my own pitiful time spent playing Santa Claus. It was... Read more »

Trump's Recount Objection is Consistent with his Disdain for Facts

I’m glad that Twitter was invented before Donald Trump became president. Otherwise we’d have a much more difficult time figuring out that he’s a lunatic. Conservatives who don’t trust the “mainstream media” frequently mention how their candidates’ views and opinions are distorted by organizations with a liberal bias. But Twitter—and Donald Trump’s seemingly complete lack... Read more »

Fidel Castro, Like Steven Seagal, Was Hard to Kill

Fidel Castro finally died. He turned ninety-years-old in August, and stepped down as Cuba’s leader eight years ago. News reports use these two pieces of information—his advanced age and his absence of power—to conclude that he died a natural death. And they’re probably right. Photos from his 90th birthday celebration show an old guy who... Read more »

Observations from a Black Friday Shopping Trip

I’m not a fan of retail hysteria in general. Although there are a couple of items that I’ll be hunting for this holiday season, you won’t find me standing in line, waiting for a store to open. I’m just not that good of a parent. Sure, my kids deserve that gift, but I deserve to... Read more »

It's Time for the Elf on the Shelf to Return

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’re expecting the return of a houseguest for the next few weeks. For the past four or five years a little elf has made his way into our house and he won’t leave until Christmas. The Elf on the Shelf. Ours is named Buddy. This is the first year that... Read more »

Why Won't Anyone in China Read my Blog?

Google does many things well, but perhaps the thing they do best is store information. Even though you don’t realize it, Google collects little tidbits of information about every site you go to, including this blog. And thanks to its Analytics tool, I can see a bunch of information about my readers. Don’t worry, there’s... Read more »