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The Song That Reminds Me To Appreciate

There are many things about which I’m completely ignorant, but music is perhaps the subject where my ignorance annoys me the most. For the first couple decades of my life music meant almost nothing to me, with few exceptions. Since then I’ve grown to love music, but I haven’t learned much about it. Only recently... Read more »

I Don't Know The Favorite Thing I've Written, or Do I?

I like to write. But like many people, I also hate to write. It’s sometimes intimidating to look at a blank screen and see that there’s nothing there and realize that it’s my job to put something there. And I’ve only got twenty-six letters and a few punctuation marks to work with. And most of... Read more »

What A Cubs World Series Means to Me

Saturday night I watched the Cubs win a game that sent them to the World Series. On the list of sentences that I never thought I’d truthfully write, the preceding ranks near the top. But who cares? Why did 300,000 people crowd around Wrigley Field after the game on Saturday? Why did Hillary Clinton make... Read more »

Why Hillary is the Perfect Opponent for Trump's Campaign of Deplorability

Throughout this election cycle, as I watched the group of yahoos from the Republican party running for president, I hoped for a strong Democratic candidate. With Republicans pinning their hopes on people like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, it seemed like 2016 would be a cake walk for the Democrats if... Read more »

How I Defend Hillary Clinton

In my last blog post I asked Donald Trump supporters how they defended their candidate. The misogynistic, narcissistic, predatory comments that have recently been in the news are enough to disqualify him from the presidency, but even if he’s given a free pass, there are plenty of other reasons why he doesn’t deserve anyone’s vote.... Read more »

How Do YOU Defend Donald Trump?

How do you defend Donald Trump? I’m talking to you, Trump supporter. Potential Trump voter. How do you defend him? You must defend him, right? When you’re gathered around the water cooler at work and someone mentions a fact about Trump, you defend him, don’t you? And when a Facebook friend posts some disparaging words... Read more »