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Observations From Attending My First Symphony

There are few things I know less about than symphony orchestra. In fact, in preparation for this blog post I had to look up the meaning of each of those words. I’m that dumb, music-wise. And before I go any further, in case you’re a music dummy as well, a symphony is an extended musical... Read more »

How A Tiny Book Made Me Feel Special

I’ve never understood why people don’t like their birthdays. Of course it’s difficult getting older, and I guess some people don’t want a reminder that another year has passed. But birthdays are the only day of the year devoted to you. So why not embrace it and celebrate it? Birthdays have always been a big... Read more »

The Inanimate Objects That are More Than Just Stuff

Generally speaking, I don’t care about stuff. I don’t need the latest technological gizmo. Cars interest me only because they can take me to exciting places. I put almost zero thought into my clothes. Two weeks ago I decided I needed a new pair of shoes, but I have yet to buy them, and I’m... Read more »

Celebrating My Son's Enthusiasm on His 12th Birthday

“Today’s chicken nuggets for lunch!” my son exclaimed this morning, which was the beginning of his last full day as an eleven-year-old. He was eating breakfast, but already thinking about lunch as he sat at the table with his brother and sister, the three of them just shaking off the last bits of sleep. “I’m... Read more »

Fall Can Wait

There’s plenty to hate about Facebook and all of the people who use it. Like me. But recently I’ve been enraged at the number of posts foreshadowing the arrival of fall. Autumn. The stupid season after this one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then either you’re not spending enough time on Facebook... Read more »