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What If You Get a Second Chance?

Do second chances exist? If something doesn’t turn out the way we want it to, do we ever really get another chance at it? Even if we get to do the same thing again, it’s not really a second chance. Something is different the second time around. Circumstances have changed, time has moved on, life... Read more »

Observations from Back to School Night

After allowing the dust to settle for a couple of days after the first day of school, it’s time for the annual Back to School nights, where parents get the opportunity to cram themselves into chairs and behind desks designed for people half their size, and see the classrooms where their children now spend most... Read more »

Sometimes The Hard Work is Doing Nothing

I’ve written before about John Henry, the American folk hero known for his relentless hard work and persistence. He hammered steel into rock to make holes for explosives that would then explode the rock. He did this hard work for years, and eventually raced a steam-powered hammer. After winning the race against the hammer, John... Read more »

The First Day of School is Always Waiting

School started today, which means the day has been filled with awkward familiarity, if that makes sense. After four kids and more than a dozen years of first days, I know what to expect, but it always feels new. It amazes me how quickly we get used to summer. Even though I don’t get a... Read more »

Watching Jaws With my Kids

We’ve got a couple of months of summer under our belts, which means the Baker tribe has had more than our fair share of days at the beach. Those warm, sandy, sun-soaked days at the beach, and days in the little beach town we visit in particular, remind me of Amity Island, that quaint little... Read more »